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Zuckerberg: Facebook did not affect the election of false news media to learn Sina Technology News Beijing time on November 11th morning news, after the US presidential election, Mark Zuckerberg boarded the 2016 science and technology economy conference (Techonomy16) platform, the public worried that Facebook did not take sufficient measures to stop the flow in the news spread false news to make a response. Zuckerberg insisted that the company can continue to improve the quality of the message flow experience, but the results of the election of Facebook powerless. "Personally, I believe that false news on Facebook (I mean a very small part of it) may affect the election is a crazy idea," said Zuckerberg. He believes that, in essence, the media did not learn from the case of ignoring the supporters of Trump, because people are stupid, no brains to make a decision. This is a bit like a stream of messages highlighted on the false news about Clinton, but the media in the treatment of Trump supporters still insist, prompting people overwhelmingly believe that only through the Facebook to mind. "People are smart, they know what’s important to them," Zuckerberg said. At the same time, he asserted that the crux of the matter is not whether people can see what is happening, but whether the content discussed. He pointed out that, in Facebook, compared with Clinton’s post, Trump’s post to attract more people to participate. Facebook’s research shows that almost everyone on a social platform is connected to at least one person who holds an opposing view. Really want to solve the problem is that when people see a agree not to post, how to guide them, they never stop. To achieve this goal, Facebook is trying to get people involved in the content ranking algorithm that the company is using. The message flow is now managed by a quality team to control the ranking. People see a variety of news, hoping to get a better understanding of what is happening in the rankings, in order to better serve the end user. Zuckerberg had only issued an election related posts on the Facebook, the content of his daughter Max photos. At the time, he wrote in the photo: "we all wish the world a better place, we have the responsibility to turn it into reality," but did not explain to him and his company, what does this mean?. Earlier today, Facebook’s message flow, vice president of product management Adam Moseley (Adam Mosseri) in a statement sent to TechCrunch, echoing the views of Zuckerberg, although in his brief comments, obviously think it is necessary to remove the message flow in the propaganda factors. "We know there’s a lot to do, and that’s why we continue to improve our ability to detect errors," says Moseley. Even though the whole world is on the victory of Trump expressed concern, Zha Kebo)相关的主题文章: