Wow! Millet note 2 will support 3D touch function-ratatouille

Wow! Millet Note 2 will support 3D Touch features in order to compete in the mobile phone market share a slice of the phone manufacturers began to ponder new features, new designs to attract users, such as 3D Touch function. At present, support pressure touch technology products, including iPhone 6S, HUAWEI Mate S, and the future (perhaps shortly after), millet is also expected to support the new flagship of this feature. Millet mobile phone will support 3D Touch before the MIUI forum users found the name 3D Touch function in the system package millet, unsurprisingly, millet will launch a pressure touch function similar to apple in the near future. Millet mobile phone will support 3D Touch it is reported that users are using create a shortcut to the software found millet 5 latest version of MIUI 3D Touch experience, judging from the screenshot exposure, millet 3D Touch not only to Apple’s name, also supports the open application shortcut menu function in the desktop application icon weight. Millet millet still remember before the release, there are rumors that millet 5 will use 3D Touch features, but ultimately did not achieve the. However, now 3D Touch function again, it seems that the future of millet Note 2 or millet 5S will support this feature.相关的主题文章: