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http://www.puritandownloads.com/swrb/ Would John Calvin Excommunicate John Frame? By Reg Barrow Introductory information: In this short letter Reg Barrow replies to an inquirer asking for comments concerning John Frame’s claim that the traditional Puritan view of the regulative principle is a "minimalist" view. Also noted in the this post was James Jordan’s assertion that the classic view of the regulative principle is sectarian. This discussion, if you would like to see the actual post which kicked it off, took place on the Knox Ring email discussion group (KR960704). Reg Barrow replies: I’ve recently written a book review of Kevin Reed’s _Canterbury Tales_ which dealt primarily with James Jordan and his heretical views concerning worship. It is called "A Warning Against the False and Dangerous Views of James Jordan Concerning Worship." From the quotes that I have seen here and elsewhere, taken from Frame’s new book, I would say that much of my warning against Jordan would apply equally well to Frame. This book review may be helpful and is posted on Still Waters Revival Books (SWRB) web page at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/BlastJJ.htm I have also asked an author that I know (who has already read Frame’s entire book) to produce a review which will warn people of the subtle and dangerous views that Frame is publicly putting forth. ************* Kevin Reed’s _Canterbury Tales_, is also available (FREE of charge) on SWRB’s web page at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/Canterbu.htm ************* Furthermore, Carlos Eire’s book _War Against the Idols: The Reformation of Worship from Erasmus to Calvin_ is an indispensable aid in researching this topic – especially since Eire does not have an axe to grind concerning this issue. More information on Eire’s scholarly work (published by Cambridge University Press) is at: http://www.swrb.com/newbooks/newbe.htm I think that Eire’s _War Against the Idols_ proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Calvin would have excommunicated both Frame and Jordan without a second thought – given the idolatrous nature of their beliefs regarding public worship. I draw the same *general* conclusion at the end of my article "PSALM SINGING IN SCRIPTURE & HISTORY" (in the section "Psalmody, Separation, and the Lord’s Supper"). This newsletter can be viewed at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/crtpssing.htm ************* A FREE copy of Calvin’s _Necessity of Reforming the Church_, which is most germane to this subject is also located at: http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualnls/NRC_ch00.htm ************* I would also note that those who introduce innovations into the public worship of God (contrary to the second commandment) are the real sectarians; for they destroy the unity of the body of Christ. This topic is covered in its relation to exclusive Psalmody (in a book which I republished) in two articles titled "The Catholicity of the Psalter" – found in _The Psalms in Worship_ edited by John McNaugher (at: http://www.swrb.com/catalog/m.htm ************* Moreover, the following quote by Jeremiah Burroughs should always be kept in mind when dealing with the subject of worship: "The nearer a false worship approaches to a true one, the more dangerous it is. Israel came nearer to the true worship of God than the heathens: now the prophet saith not, Though the heathens be idolators, yet let not Judah be so too; but, ‘Though Israel play the harlot, yet let not Judah offend.’ There was more danger that Judah should be drawn aside by Israel, than that they should be drawn aside by any of the heathen. And so there is more danger that we, at this day, should be drawn aside by those that join with us in many things that are right, than by papists, who are hateful to us, and whose ways we see to be abominable. There is not so much danger, especially for those that profess godliness, of being drawn aside by those who grossly violate the laws of God, as by brethren that join with us in many things that are right, and come very near to the true worship of God… We must not approach places calculated to draw us into sin, especially to false worship… It is dangerous to indulge curiosity in visiting places of idolatry…" ("Comments on Hosea 4:15 by Jeremiah Burroughs [1599-1646]" cited in _The Original Covenanter and Contending Witness_ magazine [vol. 1, #19, Sept. 10/93, pp. 416-417].) For information about the Puritans, including free and discounted Puritan books, Puritan MP3s, Puritan digital downloads, and Puritan videos, as well as the Puritan Hard Drive, please visit Still Waters Revival Books at http://www.puritandownloads.com/swrb/. About the Author: Still Waters Revival Books (SWRB) has been publishing and distributing (free and at discounts) classic and contemporary Christian (Puritan, Reformation, Reformed, Presbyterian, Baptist, Covenanter, Calvinistic, etc.) books, audio (lately MP3s), and videos, worldwide, for over 25 years. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: