World Cup – Gonzalo Higuain scored the first goal in Argentina tetsuei 2 degrees ahead of 2-2-spyair

World Cup – Gonzalo Higuain scored the first goal in Argentina tetsuei 2 degrees 2 degrees ahead of 2-2 2-2 leading Argentina Lianping Phoenix sports news Beijing time on October 7th 10:152018 Russia’s World Cup qualifier ninth round, Argentina at Peru National Stadium against Peru. The first half, Argentina defender Murray scored first goal; the second half, Gonzalo Higuain Guerrero had once again exceeded the score, the final tie burst cuiva. The final Argentina 2-2 draw away to Peru, two consecutive World Cup winless. In the recent 8 teams in the official confrontation, Argentina won the 2 flat unbeaten, scored only 17 goals conceded only 5 goals. The two teams last met in October 2013 in Argentina, the game at home court 3-1 victory over Peru, but the last time in the Pampas Eagle beat Peru away, dates back to September 2004, the game in Argentina also won 3-1. Before the game, Argentina 4 wins, 3 draws and 1 points with Brazil, Uruguay, only less than the top of the list of. The Messi absent because of injury, Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain, Aguero, Dibala four attack players collective starter. Seventh minutes, Peru team corner, Tapia nodded the ball before Yiceng, but no outflanks play buddhism. Eleventh minutes, Argentina free kick opportunity, Aguero’s foot curve ball Gongmen over the wall dead, Jiaerlaisi a side to throw the ball narrowly saved. Then the referee booked with guerrero. Fifteenth minutes, Argentina corner, continuous feet Murray scuffle in the area hit the ball into the goalkeeper, 0-1, this is his first goal for Argentina in the attack. Get the lead has been recovered Argentina defense, playing a defensive counterattack. Eighteenth minutes, the foot shot saved by Romero guerrero. Twenty-ninth minutes, Otamendi backcourt foul received a yellow card, free kick cuiva nodded slightly higher than the beam. Thirty-second minutes, the Argentina team kick opportunity, Di Maria shot to play in front of the door after being saved Jiaerlaisi fell dangerously. Thirty-seventh minutes, Dibala right pass, Murray’s header was firmly Puzhu goalkeeper. Argentina has the opportunity to get a corner, but failed to cause a shot. Half game ended, Argentina 1-0 temporarily leading. Easy side battles, the Peru team has reached substitutions, – Silva played for Benavente. The Argentina scene is passive, forty-ninth minutes, cuiva forbidden area front foot shot a little higher. Fifty-eighth minutes, Guerrero chest down a pass over the top after the opening to the central area on the Murray break kick shot to tie the score, 1-1. Argentina substitution Correa for Dibala. Sixty-ninth minutes, a free kick nodded over the cueva. Seventy-first minutes into the restricted area on the left foot shot, Guerrero Romero was struggling to resolve. Then the Argentina team for the Aguero substitutions, Banega. Seventy-sixth minutes, Di Maria free kick at a small angle to the door was released by the defender. Seventy-seventh minutes after the break, the right Zabaleta sent pass, Gonzalo Higuain restricted area on the right side of the ball directly dipped into the far corner to break again beyond the score, 1-2. Eighty-second minutes, Argentina backcourt passes, Guerrero cut the ball into the restricted area, but its Murray down, the referee Chuifa Luo相关的主题文章: