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Hiring The Right Wedding Photographer By: George Meszaros | Feb 8th 2006 – Hiring the best possible photographer is an important aspect of your wedding planning strategy. Be sure to choose an experienced photographer, preferably specializing in weddings. It is not crucial that the photographer is an experienced wedding photographer, but it helps. An experienced photographer, not specializing in we … Tags: Seven Top Tips For Your Las Vegas Wedding By: Susan Jones | Feb 7th 2006 – 1. Research Unless you"��re a spontaneous, spur of the moment person, research is essential in order to have a great Las Vegas wedding, including setting the wedding date. Yes, you could hop on a plane at the last minute, fly to Vegas and turn up at the chapel of your choice only to find out th … Tags: Planning The Perfect Wedding – Top Five Secrets Of A Successful Groom By: Scott Fromherz | Feb 6th 2006 – There’s more to being a groom than just showing-up at the wedding. Here are my top five secrets of a successful groom. Tags: Choosing The Perfect Wedding Caterer By: Ryan Bell | Feb 6th 2006 – Catering is an important part in any wedding planning. Hence a good caterer is needed to keep the wedding ceremony go on in good spirits. A person who has a good meal would be in good spirits than the person who is not enjoying his meal. Choosing a perfect wedding location is important for the caterer. Most … Tags: Low Budget Wedding Planning By: Ryan Bell | Jan 24th 2006 – Weddings have become costly nowadays. It takes $15K to $20K to have a wedding. Hence it is essential for a good wedding planning. If you can plan properly you could save a lot and you may wonder that you have done you wedding at only 25% of the cost that it takes. There are wedding planners available who would guide you to … Tags: How To Film Perfect Wedding Videos By: Rob Whibley | Jan 18th 2006 – Capturing the perfect wedding day video takes more than just luck. There are a number of factors involved that should be considered when you’re planning your wedding video whether you’re the one behind or in front of the camera. 1. Experience Make sure the videographer has considerable experien … Tags: Selecting The Right Wedding Photographer By: George Meszaros | Jan 18th 2006 – Hiring the right photographer is an essential task in planning your wedding. You need to make sure that you choose an experienced photographer. It is not crucial that the photographer is an experienced wedding photographer. An experienced photographer, not specializing in weddings, may be much less expensive than a wedding … Tags: Flowers For Your Wedding Day By: George Meszaros | Jan 18th 2006 – There is no wedding without flowers. Flowers are the lifeblood of a beautiful wedding day celebration. Flowers are a multi dimensional part of your decorating strategy. They are beautiful, elegant, and provide a wonderful scent. The flowers you choose should compliment everything else in your wedding. Its colors should comp … Tags: How To Find The Best Caterer For Your Wedding By: George Meszaros | Jan 18th 2006 – The caterer has a very important role in your wedding. Therefore, you should take extra care in hiring the right caterer for you wedding day. Just like hiring any other vendor, you have to make your selection based on facts not feelings. The caterer may be an individual or a business. Even if the caterer is an individual, s … Tags: Catering For Your Wedding By: George Meszaros | Jan 18th 2006 – Dealing with catering service providers is part of most brides wedding planning strategy. A caterer normally provides food and beverages and they have an important role in your wedding. If you have experience with caterers, you are in luck. But if you have never hired a caterer before, don"��t worry. If the … Tags: How To Plan A Beach Wedding By: Stephen Kreutzer | Jan 13th 2006 – A beach wedding is a romantic"��s dream. The sand, water and sunshine make it such a peaceful location for a wedding. With any outdoor wedding there comes many considerations. A beach wedding also brings extra concerns because of the sand and water. The following gives considerations that any couple should make when plannin … Tags: A New Generation Of Wedding Flowers By: Bonnie Ray | Jan 13th 2006 – Today’s silk wedding flowers are just as lovely and natural looking as fresh, lasts a lifetime, and will save you money. Tags: Asian Wedding Traditions By: George Meszaros | Jan 3rd 2006 – Incorporating ethnic traditions into your wedding can create a more intimate environment for you and your family. While we most associate the color white with wedding in this country, the color red is the color of weddings in China. Red is the color of luck and joy, and it makes perfect sense that it is such … Tags: Ethnic Wedding Traditions By: George Meszaros | Jan 3rd 2006 – Members of the Navajo nation have been using corn to symbolize the marriage union. A pudding of white and yellow corn is presented at the wedding reception. The bride enters the reception with the basket of corn pudding and sits next to the groom. The corn ceremony includes the cleansing of the bride and groom’s hands by ea … Tags: Destination Wedding Advice By: George Meszaros | Jan 3rd 2006 – We are more mobile than ever, so let"��s take advantage of it by choosing to get married in your dream location. If you love the ocean, but you live in a land locked part of the country, a destination wedding may the perfect choice for you. The destination could also serve as the location for your honeymoon and a vacation s … Tags: Paying For Your Wedding By: George Meszaros | Jan 3rd 2006 – Many couples are opting to pay for their weddings themselves. Some couples decide to pay for their own weddings because they have not other choice, some do so as a matter of choice. The best reason to pay for your own wedding is because you do not want to compromise on how, when and where you get married and you are ready t … Tags: Scheduling Your Wedding Date By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – One of the most important first tasks you have planning your wedding is setting the date. Setting the best possible date sounds easier than it is. Before you make your decision, there are many events and other important dates to consider. Your day will have a lot to do with cost, availability, who can attend, etc. < … Tags: Questions About The Perfect Wedding Reception Site By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – Is it available? You don"��t have a lot of time to reserve your reception site. The most popular sites go quickly. You should choose your location about one year prior to your event. It should be one of the first things you take care of on your wedding planning list. Does it feel right? … Tags: Setting Your Wedding Budget By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – The first and most important task a bride and groom must do is to set their wedding budget. Weddings can be expensive, and the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is over $20,000 not including the honeymoon. While $20,000 sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind that it is an average and a lot of weddings cost much-much m … Tags: What To Include In The Wedding Reception Contract By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – Never assume you have the wedding reception venue retained unless you have a written contract. At the very least, you must make sure the following things are part of your contract. Everything that you agree on verbally should become part of the contract between you and your wedding reception venue. Tags: Should You Invite Kids To Your Wedding? By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – Children can be the heart and soul of your wedding, but they can also be disruptive and chaotic. You are going to have to decide if your wedding day is going to be an adult only. With Kids: Children are the lifeblood of family life, and family is what a lot of weddings are about. Their presence … Tags: Settling On The Size Of Your Wedding By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – How many people and who exactly to invite to your wedding day is one of the biggest challenges you will face during the planning process. Making the guest list is difficult. You may find yourself making compromises due to parental, budgetary, reception site size, location and several other forces. First you n … Tags: The Ten Laws Of Selecting The Right Wedding Vendor By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – First Law Search for your wedding vendors through your friends, family members, and coworkers. Word-of-mouth is an old a proven way to find reliable businesses. Even if you can"��t afford a wedding consultant to plan your entire wedding, it might be a good idea to consult one to find reputable wedding vendors in your … Tags: Cost Cutting Ideas For Your Wedding By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – Don"��t leave your shopping to the last minute. The more time you have to shop around, the more you can negotiate. It"��s difficult to find bargains under pressure, so leave plenty of time to work with wedding vendors. Never hire the first vendor you meet. You should always make your decision based on several vendors. Tags: wedding, wedding favors, wedding planning, wedding reception Wedding Reception Seating Tips By: George Meszaros | Jan 1st 2006 – Seating during your wedding reception is more important than it seems. You want your guests to feel comfortable, and, for that, seating is critical. You can shape how much fun everyone has, since you can choose the best seating positions for your guests. Divorced parents, and people you know who hate each other are best kep … Tags: Wedding Consultants "��to Hire Or Not"�� By: George Meszaros | Dec 29th 2005 – Wedding consultants or wedding planners are professionals specializing in wedding planning. Your wedding planner can be an organizer, an event planner, a vendor specialist, a project manager, a shrink, or a friend. A wedding planner can work with you to plan your wedding day part-time or full-time. How much time a wedding c … Tags: Things To Prepare For Wedding Planning By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – When it comes to wedding planning there are many things that you need to think about and prepare for. Most weddings end up being anywhere from fifty people or more and this means that the preplanning of the wedding is crucial to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch… Tags: The Perfect Wedding Dresses By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – Whether you"��re getting married for the first time or the second time you"��ll want to have the perfect wedding dress for your big day. This means a lot of planning as you shop ahead of time, looking at as many wedding dresses as you can before finding the right one… Tags: The Importance Of Wedding Invitations By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – If you"��re planning a wedding one of the many things that you"��re going to have put on your task list is wedding invitations. Having the right kind of wedding invitation is important to your wedding … Tags: Buying Wedding Gifts That Bring Smile On Faces Of Bride And Groom By: James Hunt | Dec 23rd 2005 – A wedding celebration is one of the finest celebrations that any one can experience. If you"��re invited to a wedding you"��ll want to arrive with a wedding gift that is sure to bring a smile to the face of the bride and groom… Tags: Secrets To Planning The Wedding Of Your Dreams By: jamie | Dec 13th 2005 – Before you even begin to think that far ahead, you have some extremely important things ahead of you. Planning for your special day so that it will turn out to be the day you have always dreamed about. Your wedding day is going to be one of the best days of your life! Yet the lead up can be so stressful with … Tags: How To Choose Your Wedding Invitations By: Nick Pavel | Dec 13th 2005 – Planning a wedding is a great deal of fun, but it also requires a significant amount of planning. Once you have set your date, one of the first wedding details you should turn your attention toward is the selection of your wedding invitations. There are numerous factors that will affect your choice of wedding invitation… Tags: 相关的主题文章: