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Weak demand   August rising steel inventories — energy — people.com.cn original title: weak demand for steel inventories in August rose yesterday, China Steel Industry Association released the August 2016 steel social inventory analysis report said that in August 20 the city of five varieties of steel social inventory total ring up slightly. This is the first time since March 2016 the steel stocks rebounded significantly. The report shows that the total amount of 7 million 973 thousand tons of steel, an increase of about 166 thousand tons, an increase of 2.13%. Among them, the total steel market inventory 7 million 56 thousand tons, an increase of more than last month, an increase of 213 thousand tons, port stocks of 917 thousand tons, a decrease of $47 thousand last month, down by 4.91%. The main categories of steel rebar inventories rose significantly, inventory of 3 million 322 thousand tons, an increase of $230 thousand last month, an increase of up to $7.43%. This is the first pick of the category since March 2016. Cold rolled coil stocks rose 1.28%, plate, wire rod, hot-rolled coil of three steel stocks fell 1.81%, 1.11%, 3.77%. Www steel industry analyst Bi Hongbing believes that August is the traditional off-season consumption of steel. Especially the real estate industry, due to the outdoor temperature, rain and other factors, resulting in reduced outdoor construction, terminal purchase reduced, and steel prices continue to rise, the terminal part of the replenishment behavior caused by reduced, steel inventories increased. Steel prices rebounded in the first half of 2016. To show the effect of production capacity, the increase in the profits of steel prices, some enterprises to increase production, and strive to obtain higher profits, resulting in the production of domestic enterprises did not appear significant decline. Although 1-6 month crude steel production fell 1.1%, but in June the national average daily production of crude steel also hit a record high, reaching 2 million 315 thousand and 700 tons, an increase of 1.7%. In the first half of 2016, members of the Steel Association, although sales revenue fell 11.9% to $1 trillion and 200 billion, but profits grew by 4.2 times, reaching $12 billion 580 million. 2015 national key iron and steel enterprises losses of 64 billion 530 million yuan, a loss of up to 50.5%. The next two months, to further implement the capacity measures, Kim Gu can be expected, but the silver or difficult to appear. Steel prices have been high, there will certainly be part of the adjustment." Bi Hongbing said. (: Yan Lu, commissioning editor Du Yanfei)相关的主题文章: