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Vivtoria gurgling ears – Sohu of tourism landscape endowment from Five Fingers Group to the city of Victoria Peak is the fastest way, only to drive, here the mountain bend, but the driving feeling is very good, once here is Lin Biao villa, later as a state of the sanatorium. Here in the past few years, the environment is very primitive, the hotel accommodation is also very poor, although this did not go to the hotel, but the hotel has changed, in contrast, has a lot of good. Because of the superior geographical environment and particularity, here also received a large number of Party and state leaders and foreign heads of state. Many men of literature and writing in the world, such as the "Southern Palace", "Hainan one village", "prosperous Wonderland" and so on. Now here, even after the repair, the Taiping mountain under the tropical palace still appear on the path between the vicissitudes of life, leaves in autumn. The sound of the mountain continued to coincide with the non weekend, it seems quiet, although there are occasional pedestrian climbing, and holidays, this is the most quiet time. Now the old long full old vines in this mountain, rock Qixiu overlapping peaks, flowers, trees and shading, qujingtongyou. Kiwi peak spectacular waterfall, fine in the rough. When it comes to the rainy season, the waterfall pouring down to, to Zhang Yu stone, such as jade bead splash splash, thunder, echoes. This did not go to the top of the mountain, although only half, but everything is not familiar with change. In a previous article about Five Fingers Group, it is possible to find the taste of autumn in Hainan Island. This should not be false, especially in the mountains, may be more obvious. It is said that every year in the winter, many old people come here, fixed monthly pay a certain fee, you can spend a perfect winter here. Soon this peace will be broken, before the garden to see the feeding of monkeys, did not find this time, it is estimated that the winter monkeys should be back. Health is a matter of life, pension is in the twilight of life to send more than the temperature of the time; if really spend a short time here, it should be a good choice. Graphic original author, reproduced please do not change, the use of commercial contact author. Author: people from the media, senior travelers, travel video bloggers, micro-blog signed a contract from the media, fashion, travel, travel Master micro-blog game player Lotour columnist, tuniu, big game player where smart traveler, advanced sleep tester, network NJ, interpret the world with text, voice! Adhere to the original, insist on the original ecological travel, micro-blog search: just on the road; the public number: liugang_ai相关的主题文章: