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"Virtual reality industry and application of white paper" suggestions to strengthen strategic planning and top-level design – Beijing Beijing in September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ying Ni) 7, CCID think tank released in Beijing "virtual reality industry and application of white paper". The report pointed out: the main application fields of virtual reality including military, manufacturing, entertainment, education, health, culture and arts, tourism, and different according to the characteristics of virtual reality technology in different fields, the problems existing in the application or the bottleneck is not the same. The military field, the application of virtual reality technology in virtual battlefield environment, military training and weapon system design and evaluation etc., but the semi physical simulation system for multi performance simulation for a single weapon, lack of life and the whole system design of weapons and equipment, scale, function and other aspects of organizational management system against system scalability strong, functional coverage is not comprehensive, there is a gap in the field of architecture, modeling, reliability evaluation technology, standard and specification, simulation techniques. The manufacturing field, mainly used in virtual reality, virtual assembly, virtual R & D equipment maintenance and training constraints including digital integrated model technology is still in the conceptual stage, lack of innovation support tools, virtual machining analysis, digital technology of virtual assembly modeling, product data organization and management is not mature. The entertainment field, application of virtual reality technology mainly includes games, movies, entertainment, broadcast, news, social networking, but has not been solved currently affect the user experience of dizziness, fatigue and other problems, a more natural human-computer interaction is not doing enough. The medical health field, virtual reality technology can be applied in the training and Simulation of surgery, postoperative rehabilitation, drug development and other aspects, but in terms of product precision and reliability, the cost is still difficult to meet the needs of application. The other, in education, culture, tourism and other fields, the application of virtual reality is just started, is widely recognized social sense, enhancing the recognition time. CCID think tank, should grasp the virtual reality industry development period of strategic opportunities, vigorously promote the wide application of virtual reality technology in all industries. To this end, the following recommendations: 1, strengthen strategic planning and top-level design. Broad prospects of virtual reality technology to bring in industry, culture, education, entertainment and medical fields as an opportunity to design virtual reality in the field with the fusion development roadmap, development of clear ideas for Industry and provide policy guidance. 2, to promote the development and industrialization of key technology products. Organize production, study, research, and use various forces to solve key common technical issues, to encourage the development of innovative products with better use experience. 3, accelerate the promotion of industry application demonstration. With the implementation of the "2025 China manufacturing" and "Internet plus artificial intelligence" action plan, selected as a breakthrough in the field of virtual reality application, gradually promote the application of virtual reality, the establishment of demonstration area. 4, to promote the standardization system. To promote the establishment of virtual reality technology, products and systems evaluation index system, the development of appropriate evaluation tools to protect virtual相关的主题文章: