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Vacation Tour Packages offers Tour Operators India, Travel India, Travel To India , International Tour Packages , India Tours Packages, Honeymoon Packages, Wildlife Tours India, National Parks India, Holiday Tour Package. Vacation Tour Packages devotees marching towards the shrine, chanting the name of the goddess and covering the undulated terrain of the verdant hills, the scene is incredibly inspiring. Once amazed by its natural splendour the great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan had called it "Paradise on Earth" and after all these years, Kashmir valley continues to dazzle all eyes with its serenity. Kashmir tours are one for a lifetime as it opens gates to nature’s vivacity and showcases angelic beauty not seen elsewhere. Apart from the river and the gardens there are many more places which are a must see for the visitor .ing to Srinagar. Vacation Tour Packages one is charmed by its geographical assets which includes, mist clad mountains, evergreen forests, beauteous lakes and waterfalls, enticing flower beds, succulent apple groves and rich cultural heritage. Experiencing the surrounding panorama is made spectacular when travelled on a traditional houseboat in Kashmir. Ranging from the basic houseboats to the luxurious ones, these houseboats are available in all the categories making it affordable for all. The decor is mainly traditional with exquisite paintings, beauteous hand-woven carpets, vintage chandeliers and colourful Kashmiri handicrafts. Vacation Tour Packages the houseboat ride offers stunning panorama. The captivating beauty of lush valleys adds a great backdrop to the houseboat ride perfect for a romantic sojourn. Thus when it .es to the honeymooner’s a houseboat ride in Kashmir is ideal way to experience Kashmir. Amongst various ravines that flow in the region, Dal Lake and Nagin Lake are the most famous for they enchant their visitors with awe inspiring beauty. Your Kashmir tour package is in.plete without a houseboat ride. As the tourism grew in the region, the houseboats were refurbished from traditional to more contemporary ones laced with numerous facilities. Vacation Tour Packages is one of the most enthralling and mesmerizing cities in the country.It is the summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. According to popular folklore and also mentioned in Kalahana’s Rajatarangini, "Kashmir Valley was a vast lake which was drained out by the venerable Kashyap Rishi and made habitable for humans." The Kashmir Valley is situated between the Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range which is around 135 kilometers long and 32 kilometers wide, with the beautiful River Jhelum flowing through it.The city of Srinagar was founded by King Pravarsena II around 2000 years ago.It was then a part of the Mauryan Empire which has the distinction of being the largest empire of the Indian Sub-Continent. Vacation Tour Packages was brought to the valley by Emperor Ashoka and thereafter Kashmir became a centre of Buddhist learning.The Hindu and Buddhist rule of the city lasted till the 14th century, when it was captured by the Muslim rulers including the Mughals.The Chinar Trees are the specialty of the Kashmir Valley and the Almond Trees planted in neat rows along the roadside give the city a beautiful look.The walk along the banks of the River Jhelum leaves the visitor totally overwhelmed with the beauty of the place.There are nine old bridges on the river which join different parts of the city with one another.It is always a memorable experience roaming around the older parts of Srinagar. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: