Typhoon Meranti struck south of Huaihe Mid Autumn Festival three days of rain ssport

Typhoon Meranti struck south of Huaihe Mid Autumn Festival three days of rain tomorrow open Mid Autumn Festival holiday, but the super typhoon "Meranti" spoiler, may allow you to travel down the moon. Affected by the super typhoon "Meranti", the south central area of Jiangsu Mid Autumn Festival three days a small holiday is full of rain rain rain. This rain is not small, moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain, travel, play is affected. In addition to rain, there are cooling. For example, today, the highest temperature of 31 degrees in Nanjing, Mid Autumn Festival on the second down to the temperature of 24 degrees. Modern Express reporter Xu Cen ZAKER of Nanjing super typhoon "Meranti" brought to Jiangsu rain tomorrow will usher in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Jiangsu weather forecast, today along the Yangtze River and the South of Jiangsu area is cloudy, the sky is dark, and the rain. Is not sporadic rain or drizzle, one up is moderate, to remind you to take an umbrella. And the rain is a sign that the typhoon is coming. Yesterday, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a typhoon orange warning yesterday, 15, its near the center of the largest wind reached more than 17, becoming the strongest typhoon landed in mainland China this year. The speed to the north west direction about 20 kilometers per hour to move. Is expected to be in tomorrow morning to morning in Fujian Xiamen to Guangdong Shanwei area of land, then to move north to the northwest. Affected by this, the eastern coastal parts of Fujian and southern, Eastern Guangdong, southeastern Zhejiang, southeastern Jiangxi, central and southern Jiangsu, Eastern Taiwan and other places with heavy rain or heavy rain, local heavy rains. The typhoon is so powerful, is coincides with the astronomical tide, typhoon, wind and rain can easily cause astronomical tide and storm surge "three meet" phenomenon, more destructive. What’s more, there were two typhoons in the early morning. Although the fifteenth typhoon "Ray" was generated after the rapid decline, but the 16 typhoon "malakas" fast development, and is likely to "Meranti" interaction, increased precipitation in eastern china. The central meteorological station said, "Meranti" after landing and the southward cold air interaction, to the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, northern Jiangnan brought strong rainfall. Huaihe to the south of the Mid Autumn Festival three days of rain, the temperature dropped to 24 degrees in the end what will be the impact of typhoon Jiangsu? Yesterday, the Jiangsu Meteorological Observatory also released the Mid Autumn Festival weather conditions. 15 to 17, south of Huaihe, there will be heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas, and may be accompanied by short-term heavy rainfall and other severe convective weather. Among them, the cumulative rainfall in southern Huaihe area will reach 50 to 100 mm, locally up to 200 mm, Huaibei area of 5 to 40 mm. In addition to the rain, some areas also accompanied by 5 to 7 East to northeast wind. Nanjing meteorological observatory issued the Mid Autumn Festival weather forecast, three days long holiday, Nanjing will be heavy rain to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Among them, tomorrow afternoon to night there will be moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. The day after tomorrow to heavy rain, local heavy rain. The last day of a small holiday, the rain gradually weakened as the rain. The wind and rain, the temperature also followed. Jiangsu weather forecast, rainfall maximum temperature will drop to 24 degrees celsius. Six相关的主题文章: