Total Transformation Child Bad Behavior Patterns-exit safe mode

UnCategorized When you don’t have a child there is really nothing you can ever say about children and how they should behave. It is only the parents who know better and you can never step in. This I realized when I had my first child; I thought I could handle her but I made many mistakes along the way. That’s when i decided on a journey of a "total transformation" of her bad behaviors- what many people would call it the child behavior modification process. Children with bad behavior are hard to handle. There are children that love to touch things in the family home to the point where nearly everything in the family home is shattered or close to that. Then there are the children that like to talk and be a nuisance at a time when you want to watch an interesting film or the news. Whatever the case may be it is always important that you attempt to modify your child’s bad behavior at an early stage This is important because after a certain period of time it might be close to impossible to ever change your child and to teach them how to behave. Total transformation or child behavior modification means changing your child from the inside out, targeting at the root cause of the constant misbehavior. The first thing that must be done is take away the bad influences in his/her life. Usually it is bad influences that influence the behavior of your children. Influences that I know can be television programs; neighborhood legends; .ic books and magazines and selected T. V programs. I realize how hard this can be so I re.mend that you try to take time and be patient with your child. The moment your children have been partly weaned off these bad influences the next stage is to actually replace that with a good influence that they like. If they too enjoy outdoor sports it would be a good time to fill the empty slots in your child’s program with plenty of outdoor activities. The best way to achieve this is by withdrawing and introducing negative and positive influences respectively, gradually though. This way, the whole process can be subtle and enjoyable. One thing that never works is switching off the T. V suddenly and demanding that they go to bed. Children need to be taught to make the right choices in their lives. Demanding your way in them may work for a moment but may not be effective for the long term. After this is done you can then start working at inner transformation. Inner transformation is when you try to change what sort of child is. This is best done through talking to your children. Start teaching your child confidence and .munication skills. Sometimes children are stubborn and ill behaved because they are feeling irritated by an inadequacy they might have. Once the hard part has been covered you can then relax and observe your children to see if there is any change. If you don’t see any change immediately, don’t give up hope. Seek help from the professionals and find out the root cause if necessary. Child behavior transformation or modification can be difficult but it is harder when children are grown and mature. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: