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Tongchuan central heating project started over 60 years without central heating history of western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Li Min Xia Fei Wang Chen) by the Tongchuan municipal government and Tongchuan Huaneng Power Plant jointly implemented according to Kim of South Tongchuan city central heating project officially started today (November 15th), the heating effect by the local people welcome. This also marks the end of Tongchuan since the city built in 1958, nearly 60 years without the history of urban central heating. 50 year old Mr. Zhong lived in Tongchuan New District ICBC family member hospital district. Heating in winter in the past years, Mr. bell is using their own purchase of gas-fired boiler heating, according to the demand to adjust the indoor temperature. But in order to save gas and save money, the temperature in the house is usually kept cold. In addition to the usual business trip, the boiler is opened, closed, closed, very inconvenient. This year, the district into the southern city of Tongchuan city central heating transformation, today is the first day of centralized heating, bell home at home felt a long absence of warmth. Tongchuan City ICBC family members of the residential district bell master: "the effect is very good, really very good.". It is the 24 hour cycle of heating, the temperature has remained unchanged basically reached 56, light wear the pajamas are to sit in the house. Save worry, save money, I’m paying 320 dollars less this year than last year." Not only Mr. Zhong one person, many other residential households are also more satisfied with the effect of urban central heating. Tongchuan central heating project was approved by the Tongchuan municipal government in 2014. Huaneng Tongchuan power plant is responsible for the construction. The total cost of the project is 680 million yuan, and the heating area is 14 million square meters. The principle is the Huaneng Power Plant 2 600MW (MW) high temperature steam generator set is sent to the central station, after the steam water heat after hot water through the heating pipe network 40 km long sent to the district level two heat exchange station, heating heating district heating circulating water, energy saving, low price, heating the advantages of higher reliability. At present, the project has covered urban South Tongchuan 40 units and residential heating, for a total area of 3 million 840 thousand square meters, the benefit of the masses of more than 70 thousand people, the future will be to the north of Tongchuan city and Xianyang Sanyuan area radiation extension. The urban central heating in southern Tongchuan is officially launched today, and marks the end of Tongchuan’s history of no centralized heating since the city was built in 1958 for nearly 60 years. Huaneng Tongchuan power plant director Zhao Jin Li Zhi: "the regular check valve and valve wells and the grade two heat exchange station, to ensure that we meet the design temperature, and our customer service center personnel will be a residential property into our tens of thousands of households, 24 hours to accept complaints and comments of our people on heating, take timely measures. At the same time, according to the temperature changes, we will adjust the relevant parameters of our heating network operation, so that the people warm winter, safe winter." (West net Shaanxi News Network) Note: video to expand reading hot, hot milk drying clothes problems, winter heating these things do not do

铜川集中供暖工程启动 结束60年无集中供热历史  西部网讯(陕西广播电视台新闻中心 记者 李敏 夏飞 王晨)由铜川市政府和华能铜川照金电厂共同实施的铜川南市区城市集中供热工程今天(11月15日)正式启动,其供热效果深受当地群众的欢迎。这也标志着铜川结束了自1958年建市以来近60年没有城市集中供热的历史。  50岁的钟先生家住铜川新区工行家属院小区。往年冬季取暖,钟先生都是采用自家购买的燃气锅炉供暖,根据需求调节室内温度。但是为了省气省钱,家里的温度通常保持不冷的标准就行。再加上平时经常出差,锅炉是开了关关了开,非常不便。今年小区纳入了铜川南市区城市集中供热改造,今天是集中供暖的第一天,钟先生在家就感受到了久违的温暖。  铜川市工行家属院小区住户钟师傅:“效果是非常的好,真的非常的好。它是24小时循环供暖,温度一直保持不变,基本上都是达到个二十五六度,光穿个这睡衣在屋里都能坐住。很省心,还节省费用,我今年比去年少交320块钱。”  不止钟先生一人,很多其他小区的住户也都对城市集中供热的效果比较满意。铜川南市区集中供热工程于2014年由铜川市政府批准启动,华能铜川照金电厂负责施工,工程总造价6.8亿元,设计供热面积1400万平方米。其原理是把华能电厂2台600MW(兆瓦)发电机组产生的高温蒸汽送至热网首站,经过汽水换热后将热水通过40公里长的供热主管网送至各小区二级换热站,加热小区暖气循环水进行供热,具有节能环保、价格低廉、供热可靠性高等优势。目前该工程已经覆盖铜川南市区40个单位和小区,惠及供热总面积384万平方米,惠及群众7万多人,未来还将向铜川北市区和咸阳三原地区辐射延伸。铜川南市区城市集中供热今天正式启动,也标志着铜川结束了自1958年建市以来近60年没有城市集中供热的历史。  华能铜川照金电厂厂长李智:“定期检查热网的阀门、阀门井以及各校区二级换热站,确保我们达到设计的温度,客服中心的人员将和我们小区物业一块深入到我们千家万户,24小时接受我们老百姓关于供热方面的投诉和意见,及时采取措施。同时根据气温变化,我们将调整我们热网运行的相关参数,让老百姓温暖过冬、安全过冬。”(西部网-陕西新闻网)注:视频为扩展阅读 暖气热奶烘衣服问题多 冬天取暖这些事千万别干相关的主题文章: