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To undertake the new Olympic technology   SKYWORTH launched the world’s first AR TV – home appliance — original title: to undertake the new Olympic SKYWORTH technology to push the world’s first AR TV in the afternoon of August 29th Beijing time, Chinese appliance giant SKYWORTH in Beijing Kerry hotel was held on the theme of "see the world not seen" AR TV and the national new conference, the launch of the global the first AR smart TV and SKYWORTH OLED organic TV new S9D, shocked the world. Conference, SKYWORTH group director, vice president, Liu Tangzhi TV division president, China Video Industry Association Lu Renbo Electronic Chamber of Commerce China Peng jiann Fong Li, Li Tinghan, LG Display, and AR research field representatives were present, warm atmosphere. Attended the scene of the media, guests also felt an unparalleled visual feast in the conference. The venue layout dreamy, strong OLED products, interesting AR interactive games, the presence of staff are so much praise, people feel like being in the future science fiction world, just like a wonderful trip. AR boom set off the global, SKYWORTH dare to industry leading Brazil shortly before the Rio Olympics Closing ceremony, the 2020 Olympic Games hosted by Japan Tokyo 8 minutes show the amazing world, sprout lovely and full sense of science and technology of AR video with the wind to spread the Olympic world. In the eyes of science and technology, Tokyo 8 minutes behind the image is not just propaganda, but also an industrial power of confidence in the future development of AR technology and look forward to. AR (Augmented Reality) augmented reality technology as the next big technology has been highly concerned about the major Pinnacle Technology Corp at home and abroad. In the industry, Facebook, Google, Samsung these giant technology companies have long been interested in AR, Facebook President Zuckerberg more boldly predicted AR devices will gradually integrate into people’s lives. Last year, Piper Jaffray (American investment bank) 2015 investment analysis report analysts have pointed out: virtual reality and augmented reality is a technology; and another study revealed that within the next 5 years, "augmented reality" of the market will reach $120 billion. If the industry calls only speculation, abroad is a combination of AR technology Mobile Games Pokemon Go hot, whipped up a storm hit the global AR is the best example. Pokemon Go through the combination of reality and virtual scene to lead users to turn over their country and every corner of the city, as a "national grasping Doll" movement. While the country, some leading mobile phone manufacturers, Internet companies have also been involved in the field of AR, launched its own AR products. This August 29th in Beijing Kerry Hotel, SKYWORTH to "see the world not seen" as the theme, launched the world’s first AR TV, in China TV industry and the world TV industry is a major technological breakthrough, has the sense of milepost type. SKYWORTH took the lead in the TV screen and AR technology integration, through the real world information and virtual world相关的主题文章: