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Tiangong two will be launched to test what space? Decryption: Temple Temple No. two, No. two long what kind? In September 9th, the rocket vertical transport implementation of Tiangong two missions to the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch area, plans to September 15th to 20 launch (Xinhua Yang Zhiyuan photo) according to xinhuanet.com reported on September 12th, Tiangong two will be held on September 15th to 20 choose launched at Jiuquan satellite launch center. The upcoming launch of Tiangong two, is the first real space laboratory China manned space engineering. It is understood that the rockets and Tiangong two technical condition has been determined, the Rockets began to enter the pre filling. The entire launch system will be trained in the region, the scope of the exercise will be extended to the country, all over the space station will be involved in the measurement and control, the state of all tasks to confirm. The "Tiangong two" arrangements for the observation and application of science, earth and space science experiments and exploration, application of new technology in the field of a sophisticated task, some of these experiments is to explore the mysteries of the universe in the deepest, there is help people have a better understanding of the ocean and the atmosphere, and some are even in the future to solve the interstellar travel food the problem. The task will be carried out more than ten Chinese scientists in the sophisticated, manned space mission is the previous application project is one of the largest. Launch No. two temple completed, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft to send astronauts into space, then it will be with the Tiangong two rendezvous and docking, the astronauts entered after Tiangong two, began a series of scientific experiments. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five Tiangong two space laboratory chief designer Zhu Congpeng in an interview said that the Temple No. two, there are three main tasks: "Tiangong two is China’s first space laboratory, its task is mainly middle resides, the astronauts of Shenzhou eleven spacecraft rendezvous and docking, on the 30 day of the Temple two, work and life, this is a medium-term resident task. Second next year to docking with the cargo ship, by adding third propellant in orbit, is to carry out some technical test for future space station, including some maintenance related test." You may recall that the movie "Mars rescue", the protagonist alone to overcome the difficulties, through the cultivation of potatoes on Mars base to survive, and finally return to earth. At present, the territory continues to expand human space exploration, from earth orbit to deep space exploration, from the establishment of a base on the moon to Mars to survive. The so-called "An army marches on its stomach". The first task is to solve the problem of food self-sufficiency, oxygen and circulating water. Is it possible for the green plants on earth to grow normally in space so as to provide food and oxygen for humans? Although in space has conducted a number of plant growth test, but to successfully achieve food and vegetable production in the space conditions, but also need to solve many problems of extreme environmental factors including microgravity, the effects on plant growth. Higher plants the Tiangong two space lab to conduct the training experiment is to study the problem. "Plant astronauts" – rice and Arabidopsis Chinese people are used to eating rice, so we are familiar with rice and another.相关的主题文章: