This summer, let the original books and

This summer, let the original books and children accompanied by August 23rd, the Beijing International Book Fair opened once a year, this is not only a large number of readers summer carnival, is also an important event in books copyright trade. 2016 is the relay of the "original year, boutique year, quality year". "Original work" be the first priority among priorities relay press the Beijing International Book Fair book recommendation, which by the children’s literature classic "the bulk of the first father and son" of the author, a famous writer of children’s Literature "apron mother" Zheng Chunhua latest creation "cookies and aprons Mom" series of books widely favored. It is understood that the "little cookie and apron mother" series of books not only won the 2015 Chinese book, just pick was issued by the Shanghai Writers Association’s "2015 annual work Award" award, proved once again that the "little cookie and apron mother" series of books unique literary value, it is understood that this award was established in 2013, aimed at the incentive to create more outstanding original writers of children’s literature. "Cookies and aprons Mom" series of books successfully created a warm heart and a mother’s daughter: cookies, spoiled, love love love beautiful doll, little cookie favorite printed lace, is a delicate little fine, especially your mother know. She said every word, do everything to make her heart as sweet as honey. Apron mother love curly hair, love clean, love food, love the most decorated with lotus flower skirt, is a girl who will never grow up. She likes to play with cookies, is the world’s most interesting mother. Jin Bo, a famous writer of children’s literature and children’s poet, said: "because of the brilliance of maternal love, the writing of the father is more refined, because of the delicate writing, the maternal love is more intelligent." "" ""." In the "little cookie and apron mother" creation, the writer to capture the ordinary details of life, narrative with delicate brushwork, full of emotional mother language and shallow, accurate depiction of children’s psychological, struck a chord with us, let us taste the same as olive, feeling warm heart and innocence mystery girl mother soul and emotion the blend, and the clarity of love, wisdom of innocence. The writer called "little cookie and apron mother" as "sister works the bulk of the first father and son" series, she said she was in the twenty years after the re creation to show family based work, mainly because of human affection and the pursuit of love will never be replaced by other things, if she said before creation is the son of affection story, so now she is a mother and daughter to the creation of love story. The author has completed the creation of 100 stories, there are already 40 stories and readers to meet, the follow-up of the 60 stories are still in the editor, is expected to be the end of this year and the reader. In addition, relay press also has signed "all copyright cookies and apron mother", according to the chief editor of relay press Bai Bing, "little cookie and apron mother" is the focus of the original IP project relay press, in addition to printed books, cookies and aprons Mom "electronic version of books, cookies mom and apron" sound version of the book, "cookies and aprons Mom" cartoons and so will come and meet readers. In addition.相关的主题文章: