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The true lifting method, which is really? Sohu is an inevitable manifestation of human health although wrinkles aging, long time the nature should be engraved several rings, but who do not want to let the time stay low point mark on the face. The so-called demand has the market, on the market a wide variety of anti wrinkle products will be "necessary" students, make people too busy to attend to all at the same time, it makes it difficult to distinguish the authenticity. The anti wrinkle method really useful? How to safe and effective anti wrinkle, anti wrinkle? No chicken, not the idea, and let our doctor for you to slowly. How long is the individual wrinkles aging and the external environment (such as UV and smoking) accumulated damage, will make the skin maintain elasticity and moisture in components (collagen, elastic fiber, hyaluronic acid) synthesis decrease, cause skin relaxation, drying, and then it will produce wrinkles. In addition, in the eye (wrinkles), forehead and mouth (forehead) and other parts, because the expression of muscle is very rich, will not stop pulling the skin every day Months and years pass by. elastic fiber, more serious injury, but also more prone to wrinkles. These "molecular" method is not reliable anti wrinkle collagen mask 1 really depend on the molecular weight of hundreds of hundreds of thousands of glycoprotein absorbed through the skin? Collagen Jun wronged crying, "chenqie do ah! "Although the collagen mask is ineffective to wrinkle, but the bacteria on the surface of the skin is very welcome, after all" hungry for a long time, finally to improve the life! "2 hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid) molecular weight hyaluronic acid mask although small, but because of the hydrophilic, still not a lot through the barrier into the dermis layer of the skin. 3 oral collagen such a large glycoprotein molecules into the digestive tract of the human body is only one fate is broken down into peptides and amino acids, simply can not reach the skin in the form of collagen. And because of the lack of essential amino acids, the nutritional value of oral collagen is relatively low. You can try these 1 methods "" Anti Wrinkle sunscreen UV blocking killing skin cells caused by aging, natural aging. 2 oxygen free radical scavenging superoxide dismutase SOD is the abbreviation of the English, extracted from pig liver, small molecules can be absorbed through skin, eliminating oxygen free radicals harmful to the cells in the skin. Some antioxidants, including vitamin C, can help eliminate free radicals, so as to protect the skin. 3 botulinum toxin has been strictly trained orthopedic surgeons can accurately reduce the expression of facial muscle function, thereby reducing the daily facial expression of the skin stretch. However, the improper use of this drug can cause serious consequences. If necessary, be sure to go to regular medical institutions. Wrinkles have been produced, how to treat? When the wrinkles have been more obvious, these "anti wrinkle" means can only delay the aggravation. To treat wrinkles, you still need a doctor’s help. Physical therapy dot matrix laser, y相关的主题文章: