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The thieves go from theft to steal 30 thousand yuan more associates at the casino on the table – Chongqing Beijing Evening News September 6th morning, a major campus of a supermarket was stolen, 3 yuan turnover and 20 thousand yuan worth of stolen cigarettes. Police found the accident after the accident, one of the suspects did not know they stole so many things. Qin introduced the owner, he is generally two or three days store turnover will be stored in a bank. The two day coincides with the school, the students purchase supplies more, so the store turnover than in the past to high turnover. Police quickly through the monitoring and other facilities, locking one of the suspects Zhang and successfully captured. During the trial, Zhang accidentally learned that they stole a lot of cash and cigarettes, feel cheated by his accomplices lee. "He just told me he stole more than and 10 cigarettes, and we went to sell them." Zhang explained that he and his partner Lee two people are friends, by telephone to the supermarket to steal. They took the bag, vise and masks TOOL VISE easily supermarket shutter locks pinch off, then Lee let Zhang outside leaked, collecting things myself. About ten minutes later, Lee came out from the supermarket, carrying a large bag of things, he said Zhang stole a dozen cigarettes and more than $one hundred in cash, and did not say there are more than 3 yuan in cash. They will sell off the stolen cigarettes, illegal profits of more than 6000 yuan, Zhang share of more than 3000 yuan. According to Zhang’s police will soon be arrested lee. Lee confessed, see thirty thousand yuan in cash, sometimes from the greed, not told associates, he has more than 3 yuan in the casino will lose all. At present, two people were detained. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun相关的主题文章: