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The PPP project is not all popular some projects there is still a huge funding gap – Beijing project quality was berserk some projects there is still a huge funding gap of Guangzhou daily news (reporter Lin Xiaoli) today, Sheng PPP limelight, vigorously promote national support, financial institutions are encountering the asset shortage also compete for high quality projects. However, the other side of the car, PPP project is still a huge funding gap. According to the analysis, on the one hand is difficult to fully meet the traditional bank credit model, in addition, not all of the PPP projects can enter the bank’s eyes. In the case of high incidence of adverse circumstances, the bank is not enthusiastic about PPP. Fire: high quality PPP project by bank Fengqiang at present, various financial institutions have joined the Nuggets PPP team, according to statistics, financial institutions are closely related to the PPP project, a bank, brokerage, insurance, financial leasing, asset management etc.. In the banking sector led by China’s financial markets, commercial banks will undoubtedly become the most important participants in the PPP mode of investment and financing system. A state-owned bank stakeholders told reporters that the bank’s enthusiasm to participate in PPP is very high, especially in the context of the current shortage of assets, the government has become the main position of the PPP project to compete for financial institutions. PPP industry sources said that the recent launch of the local PPP projects, in addition to the active professional social capital, as well as various types of financial institutions, a good PPP project often attracted several financial institutions compete. Ice: PPP project funding gap exists, but not all of the PPP project financing are so sought after. Data show that China has launched a $10 trillion and 600 billion PPP project, but the real landing of the project is only 1 trillion yuan, PPP project there is a huge funding gap. Specializing in the management of government funds rich wakuya capital founding partner Zou Qiang told reporters that the PPP project investment amount is huge, the government investment proportion is very small, and the current social capital even paid up capital projects have a lot of pressure, the adoption of financial institutions financing of capital projects and the subsequent construction funds. However, a joint-stock bank told reporters, because PPP projects are large-scale investment, long period, the traditional mode of bank credit is difficult to meet the demand of project financing, and financial products in short supply, the PPP project is in need of long-term funds, the current corporate bonds, corporate bonds, or the interbank market medium-term notes, is a period of 35 years, not matched with the most PPP projects. Deep PPP 2 banks involved in more rational analysis: PPP bank sources told reporters that although PPP is fire, but the bank for specific projects is more rational, which is the high quality project was berserk, but why some project financing. According to the analysis, the power bank in PPP is sufficient, on the one hand, PPP is currently the government pushing the project, but also the government participation, the future will be the main supply of public goods and services, and has broad market prospects, in the current asset shortage situation, more attractive to financial institutions. On the other hand, although PPP.相关的主题文章: