The poor girl who cheated tuition regrets the death of ” “; jade was the tragedy – public

The poor girl who cheated tuition regrets the death of " " jade was the tragedy; – public channel in August 25, and recently, a Shandong city of Linyi province college girls, tragedy. His family was poor, she experienced Hanchuang studying, finally admitted to the University, but suffered telephone fraud loss of nearly a million tuition. She is due to emotional fainting, hospital rescue invalid, sorry to leave the world. How girls are cheated? Why can their personal information be used by crooks? How to prevent similar telecommunications fraud? How to protect college students? In this regard, "China network reporter conducted a survey. The core network: tuition by telephone fraud, the poor girl died in the 18 year old Xu Yuyu (hereinafter referred to as: Xiaoyu), who lives in high street in Luozhuang District of Linyi City, Linyi is the nineteenth high school graduates. The college entrance examination this year, she with a score of 568 was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, majoring in English, will report in September 1st into the school. In August 19th, she received a strange phone, the other said there is a $2600 grant to grant her. Because the day before also received a notice to the education sector grants, she did not doubt the authenticity of the phone. According to the requirements of the other side, she will be ready to pay tuition 9900 yuan into the account provided by the other party…… After the discovery deceived, jade is very sad, that night and his father went to the police station. On the way home, she suddenly fainted, although the hospital to rescue, still due to cardiac arrest and unfortunately died on the 21 day. She was healthy, no major disease; her frugal life, studied very hard. The parent is disabled, the family only by his father to earn money; 9900 yuan tuition, one family is half a year to gather together the live frugally. You can imagine, tuition after being cheated, jade heart hurts much. Currently, the Shandong Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Linyi Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the case, and has set up a task force, according to the recent clues have been rushed to all parts of the country, and strive to solve the case as soon as possible. 24, the reporter learned from Luozhuang Public Security Bureau, liar money account, after belonging to Guizhou city of Guiyang province. On the same day, the Ministry of Education announced that remind freshmen to beware of grants in the name of fraud crimes, criminal investigation bureau of Ministry of public security also issued a warning. Xiaoyu’s tragedy, triggering hot. Some netizens said, just graduated from high school students to apply for college and university has completed the program also did not report, in the "three no" state; the risk of these quasi college students face in this gap period, should be taken seriously. There are users ask: do not show the phone does not address the fraud, the operator is responsible?" Some users questioned: "now the private information leaked in the end where the problem is impossible to guard against that?" The latest case: last August 28th reporter was informed that the suspects to surrender, Xu Yuyu case finally a fugitive by the Ministry of public security, a warrant suspects Zheng Xiancong surrendered to the police, the case of 6 suspects were controlled. Reporters yesterday afternoon, the two visit to Zheng Xiancong home, the door is completely open, no one home. The village party secretary, Zheng Xiancong is to report on the evening of 27 to eleven from the public security organs相关的主题文章: