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The old man married married children full moon birthday party needlework bag how many? Core tip: Recently, users yoyo4444 posting Tucao said her friend sent her to marry 600 yuan, she married a friend back only $200, a friend gave birth to her daughter sent her $1000, she gave birth to a baby girl friend fruit. This post has been issued has sparked heated debate, many users in the "crusade" the friends of the best friends at the same time, also have Tucao suifenzi those broken things". October is the wedding season, "red bomb" like snow crashed underground. The wedding will be with the elements, whether you go or not, "elements" in there, never abandon. I believe a lot of people this month to eat soil…… For example, the people of Haikou Wang, he attended 5 weddings in just 7 days, sent 2000 yuan red envelope, refer to too much". The full moon child, marriage, children, the elderly a housewarming…… In the face of these things, many people will celebrate the feast. No matter whether you are most willing to, regardless of whether the money in your pocket, received the invitation, you have to offer blessings and money together, followed with "". So, in the end how much money? Recently, the reporter randomly distributed questionnaires to 100 respondents, after 60, after 70, 80, 90, their career is different, different income. What are the main features of Hainan people? Generally each time with how much? Does the behavior of the molecule change?…… After reading this article, you may have a spectrum. Look at the article, first with the money to do a minor check it ~ ~ 100 of the questionnaire sample of 1. What are the main reasons for your money? (s) – 98% – wedding birthday feast (including baby hundred days feast) 38% – 29% – 27% – the funeral entrance feast celebration 21% – 14%2. How much money do you usually send? 400~600 yuan (including 400 yuan, excluding the $600) 23%600 yuan and above 5%200 yuan 11%200~400 yuan (including 200 yuan, excluding the $400) 61%3. Do you give money to a member according to status or status? Will 52% not 48%4. In the past two years, in which circles you have the most money with the money? Colleagues 21% relatives and friends 16% 63%5. With the economic burden will bring? There is a burden, but also to deal with 77% of the burden of a large burden of no more than 9% of the population with the loss of? 6 to 48% loss, a lot of back 33% of their wedding can come back 19%7. Do you have any taboos? (s) with double with 13% single with 35% integers with auspicious number 14% on 57%8. Now you feel money changed? Not to say 26% is not, can express the mind is 49%9 25%. For a long time do not contact friends or classmates, suddenly invite you to attend the wedding, you will with the money? Will 70% not 30%10. Do you think the money should be canceled? Cancel 25% does not cancel the 24% does not matter, the 51% day of the national day to participate in the 5 wedding of the 7, sent a total of 2!相关的主题文章: