The mysterious radio signals of the universe or the active galaxies that have suffered severe occlus bloxorz

In the more than 4 months of the mysterious radio signal of the universe or the "severely occluded" active galaxy, the team observed the 21 bright radio sources in the Cambridge third. When the scientists used X X-ray telescope observation, in which the 9 source direction detected "significant" radiation signal of NASA’s swift detector. In this study, the scientists call the Swift satellite on two telescope equipment: X X-ray telescope (XRT) and ultraviolet visible light telescope (UVOT) Sina Technology News Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, at the end of last year, scientists using NASA’s swift detector of a group the mysterious source of these radio sources as early as 60 years ago has been found. The latest research is the study of Italy universe in Astrophysics and cosmic physics Andrew Mather (Andrew Maselli), led by the research group, were related to observations during the period from November 2014 to March 2015. For more than 4 months, the team looked at the 21 bright radio sources in the Cambridge power meter (also known as the 3C). Third the Cambridge radio power meter includes the target of the radio source which can be detected in the 178MHz band, which is of great significance for the study of radio galaxies and quasars. During the course of the study, when scientists used the X – ray telescope to observe, they detected "significant" radiation signals in 9 of them. However, when they were replaced by a pair of ultraviolet telescopes on the swift probe, the signals disappeared. This observation supports the previous theory that these radiation signals may come from the "severely occluded" active galaxies. The research group wrote: "revision third Cambridge on the Milky Way shot outside shot power supply data table as a basic data set, to help us understand the nature and evolution of powerful radio galaxies and quasars, relationship between them and the host galaxies, and environmental characteristics in the second gaps and megaparsec scales. Has a long history." So they went on to get more information about the 21 bright radio sources in the table and try to perform the celestial identity authentication. In order to carry out the observation of this group of radio sources, they call the Swift satellite on two telescope equipment: X X-ray telescope (XRT) and ultraviolet visible light telescope (UVOT). Their study shows that there are 9 targets in the soft X ray band display "significant" radiation signal. In addition, all the 9 radio sources, plus another 4 did not show the soft X ray radiation signal source, they found in the infrared counterpart research group successfully in the whole wide field Infrared Survey Telescope catalog ". However, in the ultraviolet and visible light, such a corresponding body is completely unable to find. These findings, combined with previous observations, suggest that these radio signals may be produced by active galaxies相关的主题文章: