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The mushroom cool, high-heeled boots pick is not good, beware of leg disease – Sohu healthy leg with the decrease of temperature, every kind of boots become fashionable women’s fashion collocation. However, many women do not realize that boots if you choose to buy and wear may cause health problems, suffering from boots disease". The high-heeled boots easily bring the hallux valgus hallux valgus is not strictly speaking, exclusive boots of the disease, but the common family of high-heeled shoes. Because the heel is exorbitant, causes the body to move over forward, foot pressure change, easy to cause the big toe valgus deformity, and even induce ligament strain, tenosynovitis and other diseases. Severe hallux valgus patients need surgical treatment, early can do traction, medicine, or the use of tools for corrective treatment. The boots will lead to tight boots ankle boots tube syndrome is too high, too tight will affect the leg and foot blood circulation, leading to the instep and ankle vascular and nerve crush, easy to cause the blood reflux foot, ankle and calf at the foot of a blocked, long time ganglion or nerve will appear fever, pain, swelling and inflammation, the formation of tarsal tunnel syndrome. Remove the cause, that is, after the change of loose shoes, these problems will recover within 1 weeks to 2 weeks. At the same time, you can also through the hot compress and massage to promote blood circulation in the legs and feet, adjuvant therapy. Due to poor ventilation caused tinea pedis boots high boots poor ventilation, foot to sweat, feet when walking out of the hot air can not diverge, it give us a good environment for the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria and fungi, thus easily lead to tinea pedis or other foot skin disease. Therefore, the best way is to give the sun boots, wear sweat good cotton socks, feet and toes to reduce sweat accumulation, reduce the chance of fungus breeding. Once the infection occurs, the doctor may choose to apply for the fungal infection of the ointment. Tips suggest that women in the United States to buy boots, not only look at the style, but also pay attention to the comfort of boots. Buy boots, should choose soft, depending on your foot type breathable boots; toe shoe should not be too narrow, boots around to be placed in the index finger is appropriate, with the height of the best boots at 3 centimeters. The day to wear boots, feet with hot water before going to sleep at night, with the appropriate massage to help eliminate foot fatigue, promote blood circulation. Five mountains sanatorium of Hangzhou city Lin Li Zhu Yi Jiang Keqin Wen finishing adapted from the above network for "Health News" original works, if required to obtain the authorization reprint. Click on the bottom of the reading the text to obtain a self authorized reprint.   相关的主题文章: