The mattress of the net buys half an year to produce insect unexpectedly-pretty rhythm

The mattress of the net buys half an year to produce insect unexpectedly? ? use the surface of the mattress for half a year to appear black bug? For more than a month, after the problem encountered in the online shopping and sellers continue to negotiate, but has not been effective reply. Recently, Tmall customer service has been involved in mediation, and to consumers that the seller has re shipped. Consumers:???? mattress worms too scary?? Miss Ma told reporters that last July, she bought a mattress from Tmall’s Saint cannat flagship store, the warranty period the seller for three years. This year, after the end of the year, Ms. Ma began using mattresses, until August, she accidentally found a mattress with bugs. "On the evening of August 8th, I give the baby a bath on the bed clothes, found a bed and two black bug." Miss Ma told reporters that at first she thought it was outside the window to fly in the insect, but after cleaning up the children to wear clothes, and re discovered the bug. "Associate the baby on the body is always a little red dot, will not be a small bug in the mattress?" Then, Miss Ma put on the mat mattress removed, carefully observe the surface of the mattress. Miss Ma recalled that the beginning of the mattress surface is very clean, there is no insect. Unexpectedly, after a few minutes of observation, she found that the mattress began to emerge out of the black bug, a long time to get out of the two places, and finally there are nearly ten or twenty out of the mattress surface, especially terror." ?? In the evening, Miss Ma immediately contact the saint cannat flagship store customer service customer service, and attach the captured video mattress black bug. The next day, customer service inquiry, explain to Miss Ma supervisor after seeing the video that is encountered this problem first, but she was free to change a new mattress, and promised to deliver the goods as soon as possible. However, Miss Ma has not been able to wait for the seller’s shipping information, "in August 17th, I can not contact customer service, no one answered me, ask the phone does not give." Finally, Ms. Ma complained to Tmall customer service flagship store. The reporter asked the store to sell the phone, did not get a reply. Recently, the reporter learned that Tmall customer service to call Miss Ma explained that the seller has to delivery, but the number can not query, therefore cannot provide detailed delivery information. Shunde district market Safety Supervision Bureau:? 719 months to receive furniture complaints? Shunde furniture industry has been developing for a long time, set up shop, online sales services to provide the number of enterprises and many. With the development of the Internet, the public demand for online shopping home products have gradually increased. On the one hand, but on the other hand, the logistics, installation, after-sales and other aspects of the consumer to bring a lot of trouble. Reporter learned from the Shunde district market Safety Supervision Bureau, in the first half of this year, Shunde district received 719 complaints furniture, rough statistics Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other online shopping furniture dispute a total of 267 cases. ?? There are some businesses in the consumer purchase in March Shunde Tmall "willow wood desk study furniture" claimed that 100% of the high-end solid wood, no skin. After arrival, consumers found that many places are the density of sheet metal, not pure wood and taste. Then a complaint to the Council, Shunde district market Safety Supervision Bureau, according to the "law" provisions of article twentieth, the operators to consumers.相关的主题文章: