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The main function of the GF8 beauty "girlfriend 8" published in today’s popular self world, even professional camera manufacturers had to start turning to this special field for the market demand, and launched a new machine with timer as the main selling point. Panasonic has officially released a new Lumix DMC-GF8 camera, essentially a GF7 camera that emphasizes self timer. Specifically, the new camera with a 16 million pixel M4 GF7 with the same 3 Venus sensor, Engine image processor, ISO range: 200-25600 (expandable to 100-25600), 23 point autofocus system, shutter speed: 60-1 16000s, shooting speed of up to 5.8fps, can shoot 60p Full HD video, and built-in flash and Wi-Fi. However, unlike GF7, now users can obtain more colorful body, Matsushita GF8 the collocation fuselage skin pink, silver, brown and orange. Body size is 107 x 65 x 33mm, heavy 266g. In order to enhance the performance of the self timer, Matsushita GF8 equipped with touch screen flip a 3 inch 1 million 40 thousand draw point, can achieve up to 180° flip, self timer for the convenience of users. In addition, the camera also offers "soften skin" pattern and a variety of Panasonic creative control filter. If you think GF8’s self timer property is limited to this, it’s a big mistake. Lumix GF8 also added a "beauty" function, the user to carry out all kinds of skin, whiten teeth or even add make-up effect etc. it can rely on. Panasonic has repeatedly stressed that some changes on the GF8 is mainly women in order to seize the hearts of consumers, but the silver and brown version of the GF8 is also suitable for those who pay attention to the gentlemen. Body chart appreciation:

主打美颜功能 松下GF8“女朋友8号”发布   在当今这个自拍大行其道的世界,就连专业的相机厂商也不得不开始将目光转向这一特殊的市场需求领域,并推出了以自拍为主要卖点的新机。松下正式发布了新款Lumix DMC-GF8相机,本质上来讲是一部强调自拍功能的GF7相机。具体来看,新款相机采用了与GF7相同的1600万像素M4 3传感器,Venus Engine图像处理器,ISO范围:200-25600 (可扩展至100-25600),23点自动对焦系统,快门速度:60-1 16000s,连拍速度可达5.8fps,可拍摄全高清60p视频,并内置闪光灯和Wi-Fi。然而与GF7不同的是,现在用户能够获得更为多彩的机身选择,松下为GF8搭配了粉色、银色、棕色和橘色的机身蒙皮。机身尺寸为107 x 65 x 33mm,重266g。而为了提升其自拍性能,松下为GF8装备了一个3英寸104万画点的触摸式翻转屏,可实现向上180°翻转,以方便用户进行自拍。除此之外,相机还提供了“肤 质柔化”模式以及多种松下创意控制滤镜。   如果你认为GF8的自拍属性仅限于此,那就大错特错了。Lumix GF8还新增了“美颜”功能,用户可依仗它来进行各种肤质处理、美白牙齿甚至是添加化妆效果等工作。松下一再强调,GF8机身上的一些改变主要是为了抓住女性消费者的心,不过银色与棕色版本的GF8也同样适合那些讲究的绅士们。   机身图赏:相关的主题文章: