The first Red Bull motorcycle Climbing Championship will be staged cool

The first Red Bull motorcycle Climbing Championship will be staged "cool car" national championship motorcycle skills Geng Jie will at home and abroad a total of 14 top riders compete with sina sports driving a beautiful cool locomotive running in the desert, wilderness, pit, over the valley, across the muddy mountain road, through freely control, make a leap a series of moves in the air; or with like-minded friends together to experience the thrill of collective fried street…… These not only appear in the movie, more and more people begin to engage in professional motor sports, and has evolved into a small, extreme sports, leading the high-end anti secular trends and fashion. Geng Jie in training. The picture is provided by Geng Jie and the organizers, but as one of the three major events of competitive sports, motorcycle climbing is rarely known to people. Climbing motor sport originated in 1960s, was to test the performance of the locomotive and handling, motorcycle to steep, dirt road, road, bridge and other steps, the local test, superior performance car factory more highlight their locomotive, produced the TRIAL game, is a motorcycle obstacle. In recent years, motorcycle climbing just unfolding not only because of extreme sports enthusiasts, more and more, and the motorcycle climbing skills and stable ability of drivers is challenging, but the game and entertainment is very strong, more perfect the sports and entertainment culture together, become a city in the fort can bring a breakthrough in time and space to imagine fashion the trend of landscape. Geng Jie in training. The picture provided by the organizers) and Geng Jie climbing motor sport has formed the climate in Hongkong, but in China, because there is no professional climbing motorcycle producers, while imports of locomotives are also very expensive, so compared to cross-country, road racing athletes and fancier in plateau Okawa and city road racing, professional athletes and enthusiasts who rarely climb motorcycle. However, a motorcycle ride from the top 14 at home and abroad will be held in Beijing. In September 10, 2016, the first Red Bull motorcycle climbing Championships will be opened in Beijing 751 Park, will be gathered in the crazy motorcycle rider artificial barriers on creative passion showdown, three motorcycle big coffee sector live commentary, well-known DJ and Motorola baby scene funny show. Geng Jie in the game. Photograph by Geng Jie and the first Red Bull motorcycle climbing Championships) divided into qualifying and racing steeplechase two stages, qualifying players, the time to complete to decide the obstacle of the departure sequence. Steeplechase total after four types of obstacles, to perfect skill degree and stability of a winner. The special arrangement of a 2 meter Obstacle Race Games, the most perfect jumps can also obtain a "Red Bull KREEDZ single title. The event attracted five consecutive New Zealand champion, climbing match New Zealand car king Mike · Tarrant (Michael  John  Tarrant) and high jump motorcycle Guinness world record holder, and the Italian Luca (Luca  Cotone) and other world-class Knight in. Chinese incense相关的主题文章: