The Commission for investigation and breakdown of eight 6 companies

The Commission for investigation and breakdown of eight 6 companies, the Securities Times reporter Jiang Dan October 21st Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun at a regular press conference informed the IPO issue of fraud and illegal disclosure of information of special law enforcement actions of the first case, involving IPO reporting companies and Guangdong media, Long Bao and *ST, *ST, allyl carbon infront of convex horse horse beautiful, ecological 5 listed companies. Zhang Xiaojun said, according to the above 6 companies, according to IPO, the issue of fraud and information disclosure of the overall work of illegal special enforcement action deployment, preliminary analysis verification of illegal clues found in the daily supervision department, supervision department discipline inspection supervision, regular audit and other channels on the basis of the Commission audit Department decided to officially start the procedure of administrative law enforcement the investigation on the. It is reported that this is the Commission to deploy IPO fraud and illegal disclosure of information disclosure special law enforcement action, the first batch of cases into the formal filing procedures. Zhang Xiaojun, from the clues verification master, the relevant issuer, listed company’s information disclosure untrue, inaccurate or incomplete major suspect, the main problems include eight types: one is the application of IPO companies in the prospectus alleged false statements, including concealing major security issues, false disclosure of corporate governance and the internal control situation; two is the restructuring of the underlying companies suspected of fraud issue, fictitious revenue and profits; three is a listed company alleged failure to disclose significant debt and external security matters in the disclosure documents related to acquisitions, or did not truthfully disclose the major issues during the reorganization of reporting audit; four listed companies suspected of the fiction overseas subsidiaries, business and the high cost of intangible assets, huge financial losses against the parent company; five is a listed company alleged by the fictional payables Inflated or other receivables to offset the decline in performance, financial fraud of listed companies; six is suspected of concealing important financial information in foreign investment, significant debt, tax payment and other business activities, the fictional important business data; seven listed companies suspected of not timely disclosure of actual controller, business scope, business name, performance forecast etc. major change; eight is a listed company to cater to the alleged hot market speculation, in the company’s actual business and income structure did not change the situation, the company changed its name and business transformation made misleading statements. Zhang Xiaojun pointed out that the issuers and listed companies false disclosure of important information behind, often hidden illegal transactions, illegal occupation of funds, transfer of benefits and other serious malignant crimes clues source of illegal disclosure of corporate governance deficiencies, internal management confusion, risk control, compliance disclosure form consciousness. Zhang Xiaojun said, in 6 cases the centralized deployment, the Commission audit department will be based on the previous verification, according to the investigation, and resolutely combat effectively accountable for the overall goal of investigated according to law, the relevant enterprises to make a deep investigation and disclosure of information is true, accurate and complete. Not only that, Zhang Xiaojun further said that around the above 6 cases, will also sponsor, audit assessment and legal services agency practice whether due diligence to conduct a comprehensive verification, once found suspected illegal problem, immediately start it;相关的主题文章: