The clever passenger transport to mentor Green Campus-onavo protect

The clever passenger transport to mentor: green campus in September 10th, thirty-second teachers’ Day is coming, all the people began to thank teachers for their hard training, bear bitter hardships and diligently. Today, the clever passenger for our teacher recommended several low-speed electric vehicles, let them avoid suffering will not be exposed to the weather, like daytime involvement! Kindergarten teacher: Slim Dayang A clever passenger everyone began to accept the education system is to start from kindergarten, the teachers here are gentle and loving, versatile, is the children’s first teacher. The clever passenger A system as a Sino foreign joint venture launched the European car light companion, compact fashion, colorful, functional and practical, the two seater four round, full face body, individuality elegant temperament, especially for kindergarten teachers. The clever passenger A system configuration for high performance batteries and brushless DC motor, the power system is very strong, the maximum mileage of up to about 150KM, the overall performance reached the European standard. This car has air conditioning, USB and other rich configuration, comfortable driving experience, can meet the demand of the means of travel to the kindergarten teacher. Primary and secondary school teachers: the city MINI SUV teachers Dayang clever passenger S system is in the process of growth for young children, with the longest time partner, they carefully, dun dun teach, teach the truth and knowledge of culture. The clever passenger S positioning of urban Mini SUV, elegant appearance of the atmosphere, 4 larger space, a family of four can be easily installed, it is suitable for the teachers on the school and city travel scene using walking. The clever passenger S system using high capacity battery maintenance free lead-acid colloid and vector of sinusoidal permanent magnet brushless motor, maximum endurance is about 180KM, with Auto level control Taiwan, monolithic box, air conditioning, car charger and other useful features, configuration and brake assist steering system, through good driving safety high. University Teacher: mighty tough SUV Dayang clever passenger G university is an institution of higher learning, university teachers knowledge rich, elegant and dignified, diligently to be a brilliant man of wide learning, research and innovation in business, talents cultivation and development of technology for the country. The clever passenger G SUV other small city location, the mighty tough, sharp lines, the overall design of a beautiful car element is strong, very fit the image of the social elite university teacher. However, at present this city small SUV to wait until October before listing, according to a source of information, performance and comfort has been improved greatly. A perfect adaptation to the university scientific research units – Home – 3.1 driving demand. For the city transport, suburban travel, the car can also be competent.相关的主题文章: