The Champions League – Mesut Ozil Giroux scored lore Arsenal 3-2 qualify-winbook

The Champions League – Mesut Ozil Giroux scored lore Arsenal 3-2 qualify for Nicklas Mesut Ozil Phoenix sports news Beijing time on November 2nd at 3:45 in the morning, the Champions League group phase A group to start the fourth round of a contest against Lou Drogo Meret, arsenal. If the first half – Natan Cafu pass for a shot, Arsenal by Zaka and Giroux equalised. Easy side battles Mesut Ozil finally broke lore, Arsenal’s 3-2 Lou many roots serve. After the game, Arsenal 10 points, ahead of two Champions League knockout. The first eighth minutes, Mesut Ozil left to send after the birth of the ball, nodded without hair Zacca force, the keeper. Twelfth minutes, the home team win. Wan Desen frontcourt set piece to open the closed area, if Natan Cafu Qiangdian break, 1-0! Fifteenth minutes, Arsenal was hit again. If Natan Cafu restricted the right after the break – flat ball, Koseru grab before the break point, 2-0! Twentieth minutes, Mesut Ozil left the ball out of bounds in the bottom grab before the ball, the middle Zacca does not stop directly tuishe, 1-2! The Gunners quickly pulled one back. Forty-first minutes, Ramsey right to send accurate biography, Giroux high to grab before the goalkeeper shakes Leipzig succeeded, 2-2! The first half of the match ended, the two sides battle 2-2. Easy side battles forty-ninth minutes, Gibbs shoulder injury, but fortunately did not cause illness. Then the market situation in anxious, both of you come to me without making a decent chance. Sixty-third minutes, Lou Drogo Meret launched a quick counterattack, throwing attack from the goalkeeper, the ball after 3 passes into the Arsenal area, eventually Kesailu a low shot saved by Ospina. Sixty-fifth minutes, marcellinho sent overheads, Henderson million ball did not stop, miss. Sixty-ninth minutes, Giroux area received Zaka pass header, there is no threat. Seventieth minutes, Jenkinson road back when the tactical foul booked. Eighty-seventh minutes, El debut for Zacca neni. Then El Hei Ni gave birth just debut after the ball, Mesut Ozil offside off out of the box Bojan, fake tease each other two players after the ball into the net, 2-3! Then the two sides no longer done, eventually Arsenal’s 3-2 Lou many roots serve. Lineup: arsenal: 13- Ospina, 3- Gibbs, 6- Mustafi, 25- 20-, koscielny, 29- al Jenkinson (87 El Hei Ni), 34- 7- (90 ‘Sanchez Kirkland, iwobi), 8- Ramsey (75’ Chamberlain), 11- Mesut Ozil, 12- Drogo Meret Lu Giroux: 1- Milan – Mineifu, Bojan, 25- 5- Mino, 27- Moti, Palo 6- tower, 12- Anisai, Hermione leather 18- Diacov, 22- Cafu, 84- marcellinho if Nathan, 88-, 28- Kesailu Henderson million (80 ‘Mixiyang)相关的主题文章: