The Cassini spacecraft returns the Titan six surface image cold ” alien world ” over the d-yezimei

The Cassini spacecraft returns the Titan six surface image: cold " alien world " over the dunes Sina Technology News Beijing on October 9th news, according to foreign media reports, Cassini, NASA recently to Saturn’s largest moon Titan six — the latest high-definition image. The image shows a "cold alien world", you can see the rugged mountainous area covered with a lot of sand dunes hundreds, there may be the area for ancient Titan six surface. The Cassini spacecraft is in these images taken over in July 25th six’s close range, when the distance of six Titan spacecraft ground only about 607 miles (about 970 kilometers). To obtain such a high clear image, radar system on the Cassini spacecraft must penetrate around Titan six thick haze, then, the researchers saw by the spacecraft from the Titan six surface active sand dunes image. Scientists believe that these dune components should be hydrocarbon particles settling down from Titan six in the atmosphere, such as terrain dunes occupy most of the Titan six equatorial region. Through the study of these dunes, scientists can learn about Titan six on the wind and sand, and the terrain information. Brigham Young University-Provo, the Cassini radar team members Ghani Ladd Begg (Jani Radebaugh) said: "dune is a kind of dynamic geomorphology. They are downwind obstacles exist to change shape, often the appearance of a dune is very nice." In addition, the Cassini spacecraft on a by scientists as the "Xanadu annex" of the region were observed. This is for the first time the Cassini spacecraft captured this area of the image, but the previous studies have shown that there may be extensive similarities between the Titan six another named "Xanadu" region in this area, so as to have such a name. The results also It is as expected the scientists note, there are many similarities between the characteristics of mountain type and "Xanadu" in the region and other areas of the six corresponding moon landform on. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Cassini radar project group scientist Mike Jansen (Mike Jannsen) pointed out: "to observe the use of radar equipment, the area and Xanadu area looks very similar, but when you from other bands were observed, such as the use of the Harbert Space Telescope observation will find that there seems to exist some less the same thing. This is a very interesting question." Researchers say the Xanadu area is still largely a mystery. And the Titan six in other regions is different, this area is mostly mountainous terrain, while other parts of the mountain are basically isolated form. Scientists are trying to give a theoretical explanation for the unique situation here. The JPL Cassini radar team members, Losari – (Rosaly Lopes) pointed out: "the mountain seems to be the oldest region of Titan six surface may be)相关的主题文章: