The army fourteenth army held a ceremony to commemorate the 31000 revolutionary martyr, Yunnan chann-e3300

The army fourteenth army held a ceremony to commemorate the 31000 revolutionary martyr, Yunnan channel — Kunming 30 September, "all hat, a moment of silence for the Chinese people’s Liberation and construction of the Republic of the heroic martyrs……" The morning of September 30th, the fourteenth army head office and hospital unit more than 300 soldiers, in the courtyard of organ "in" Guardian sculpture lined up neatly, was held to commemorate the martyrs Day celebrations, more than 31000 people deeply cherish the memory of strong army troops since the formation of sacrifice. According to reports, the army was born in the Anti Japanese War, fought thousands of battle in each period of the Anti Japanese War, the liberation war, southwest bandits and frontier defense combat, foreign aid and the history of the war, is our army since the war most heroes and martyrs most most corps, enjoy the "tiger" in the jungle "the Great Wall" in the world. "The flowers to the people’s heroes." With the melodious song "flowers" sounded, 4 Eli soldiers marched 2 step solemn ceremony basket Xu Xu lift entrance, placed in the "southern" guardian of the left and right sides of the sculpture. Then, army leaders Hu Zhongqiang, Yu Yonghong stepped forward, carefully sorting baskets on the ribbon, all three bows to the martyrs. Subsequently, the officers and men in turn went to the front of the sculpture, as a martyr flowers. Martyrs should laugh at Jiuquan Wei, Qing flag own later. The army leaders said they will take the anniversary as an opportunity to organize troops to carry out extensive "history, tradition, Yi Xuejun mission", with the spirit of the martyrs incentive soldiers, guide people to actively participate in the strong army practice, continuously improve the ability to win the war, in order to realize the dream of a strong army dream to contribute Chinese. (Guo Xing Li Xiaojie)   share: (Sheng Yu, Zhu Hongxia wood: commissioning editor) 陆军第14集团军举行仪式纪念31000名革命烈士–云南频道–人民网 人民网昆明9月30日电 “全体人员脱帽,为中国人民解放事业和共和国建设事业英勇献身的烈士默哀……”9月30日上午,陆军第14集团军首长机关和院内分队300余名官兵,在机关大院内的“南疆卫士”雕塑前整齐列队,隆重举行烈士纪念日纪念活动,深切缅怀集团军部队自组建以来牺牲的31000多名烈士。 据介绍,该集团军部队诞生于抗日烽火中,在抗日战争、解放战争、西南剿匪、援外作战、保卫边疆等历史的各个时期打过数千次硬仗,是抗美援朝以来我军参战最多、英模最多、烈士最多的集团军,享有“丛林猛虎”“南疆长城”的美誉。 “向人民英雄献花。”随着悠扬的《献花曲》响起,4名礼兵迈着庄严的礼步将2个花篮徐徐抬入场,安放于“南疆卫士”雕塑左右两侧。紧接着,集团军领导胡中强、余永洪走上前,仔细整理花篮上的缎带,全体人员向烈士三鞠躬。随后,官兵依次走到雕塑前,为烈士敬献鲜花。 先烈九泉应笑慰,擎旗自有后来人。该集团军领导表示,他们将以这次纪念活动为契机,组织部队广泛开展“学军史、忆传统、履使命”活动,用烈士精神激励官兵,引导大家积极投身强军兴军实践,不断提高能打胜仗能力,为实现中国梦强军梦贡献力量。(郭星 李晓杰)  分享到: (责编:木胜玉、朱红霞)相关的主题文章: