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The 6 functions of ginger Black Tea diuretic in edema Jiang Hongcha ginger is auxiliary materials commonly used in cooking, in addition to the fishy ginger, can be cold, drink ginger tea benefits, if you’re single with ginger tea will be too hot, can add Black Tea, not only delicious, Sheng Jianghong tea has a good effect on the body, Black Tea is the fermented tea after brewing is characterized by red soup, sweet and warm, help digestion, promote appetite, diuresis and elimination of edema, and a strong heart function. In winter, the cold north wind, cold, the human body Yang vulnerable. At this point, the choice of sweet and warm black tea as good, to warm the body’s Yang Qi, especially for women and the elderly. At the same time, black tea, red leaves and red soup, give people a warm feeling. 1, and ginger contains a variety of active ingredients, with detoxification, anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation to wet, warm stomach, vomiting, eliminate body waste. 2, scientific proof of cancer, ginger also inhibit cancer and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The essence extracted from ginger can also be used to treat migraine, movement disorders and arthritis. 3. Ginger contains a kind of oil containing resin, which has obvious function of lowering blood fat and reducing cholesterol. 4, ginger tea may drink once from a slight cold, severe symptoms of a daily drink for three days, is no longer a runny nose, cough, have a fever, sore throat, headache; colds can also drink once every three days for preventive purposes. 5, freckle to the elderly, the face is often covered with "senile plaques", modern medical research shows that this "body rust" is due to excessive activity of oxygen radicals in the body caused by. Pharmacological study found that ginger contains volatile oil and starch, a variety of amino acids required for human body, especially the pungent ingredient gingerols have strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals. 6, constipation, if you frequently constipation, tired, can not move, drink homemade ginger tea can laxative, and energetic. (Pacific women’s Web)

姜红茶的6大功效 利尿除水肿  姜红茶  生姜是烹饪时常用的辅助材料,生姜除了能够去腥之外,还能驱寒,多喝姜茶好处多,要是觉得单用姜泡茶会太辣,可以加入适量红茶,不仅美味,生姜红茶对人体有很多好的功效,  红茶是全发酵茶,特点是经冲泡后呈红色汤汁,味甘性温,帮助胃肠消化、促进食欲,可利尿、消除水肿,并强壮心脏功能。冬季,北风凛冽,寒气袭人,人体阳气易损。此时,以选用味甘性温的红茶为好,以温育人体的阳气,尤其适用于女性与老人。同时,红茶红叶红汤,给人以温暖的感觉。  1、活血  生姜含多种活性成分,具有解毒、消炎、去湿活血、暖胃、止呕、消除体内垃圾等作用。  2、抑癌  科学证实,生姜还有抑制癌及预防心血管疾病的作用。从姜中提取的精华素,还可以被用来治疗偏头痛、行动障碍和关节炎。  3、生姜  含有一种含油树脂,具有明显的降血脂和降胆固醇的作用。  4、驱寒  姜茶可能喝一次即驱走轻微的感冒,症状较重者一连三天每日喝一次,就不再流鼻水、咳嗽、发烧、喉咙痛、头痛;容易患感冒者也可以每三天喝一次以起预防之效。  5、祛斑  人到老年,面部常布满“老年斑”,现代医学研究表明,这种“体锈”是由于体内氧自由基过度活跃所致。药理研究发现,生姜内含淀粉、挥发油及人体所需的多种氨基酸,尤其是辣味成分的姜辣素有很强的对付氧自由基的本领。  6、通便  如果你频频便秘,动不动疲倦不堪,喝自制的姜茶可以通便,而且精力充沛。(太平洋女性网)相关的主题文章: