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Tesla plans to build a "giant factory" in Europe, not only the production of battery Tesla CEO Elon Musk · (Elon Musk) said on Tuesday that the company will build a giant factory in Europe, the factory not only the production of batteries, but also the production of cars. Mask claims that Tesla plans to build a giant factory in europe. Mask also said that at that time, the factory can produce batteries, but also the production of cars. Tesla plans to eventually be able to have at least one battery and car factory in Europe, of course, the more the better. However, it may be a while before the giant plant is actually built. Mask said Tesla next year will begin its second giant plant site. But so far, the company is still focused on preparing to launch Model 3 car. Tesla plans to launch the Model 3 car by the end of 2017. The first giant factory "Tesla Gigafactory 1" in Nevada’s Sparks (Sparks), is still in the construction process, however, Tesla plans to use the factory to create the required car battery and other energy products, including the application of the Model 3 car batteries etc.. Once in the state of Nevada’s first Tesla built giant factory, it will make the factory complete investment operation, then, the factory annual production of lithium batteries more, this will greatly exceed the number of 2013 all other lithium battery manufacturers in the production. Last year, Tesla has been improving its own battery production methods. In May this year, musk claimed that he would "use unscrupulous divisive tactics" put Tesla to build become the most outstanding global manufacturer, in September this year, he said, the biggest inspiration this year is really play a role is the "production machine", or "factory". On Tuesday, Tesla announced the acquisition of the German engineering company Grohmann, the company focused on automated production methods. Tesla acquisition of Grohmann, but also to strengthen its own automated production methods. Tesla said Grohmann after Tesla acquisition, will be renamed "Khosla Grohmann automation company, the new company will help Tesla to build the world’s most advanced factories. Tesla Tuesday on his website said in a statement, senior factory mass production products will help accelerate Tesla play an important role in the future sustainable energy projects, this is mainly because of the high efficiency plant will be able to make strong economies of scale Tesla to build products, reduce product cost and help tesla. For example, Tesla’s first giant factories in Nevada will use the advanced production technology and economies of scale to reduce the production cost of the cells. Tesla is expected once the factory in 2020 fully operational, the plant will be able to help reduce the cost of the battery 30% Tesla, in turn, it will help produce Tesla electric cars cheaper. For the first time in Europe by giant factory battery production and automobile production integration, corrientes.相关的主题文章: