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Tasmania was Xinjiang Mayer 542 passengers trapped in a snowstorm lag transfer – Beijing Beijing in November 13, Emin (Li Xiaohua) 12, Xinjiang Tacheng District Emin county famous wind wind zone, Mayer ventas Tiechanggou mountain was the storm caused by the attacks, the section of the 542 passengers and 145 vehicles the car was trapped snow. Maj Tas emergency support base, Tiechanggou maintenance work area work of emergency rescue personnel, on the same day, 23 am all transferred to safe areas, no one is left. To participate in the rescue of the Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau deputy Maj Tas Emin emergency support base monitor Bartle San said, 10 days, 11 days, down from the mountain, Mayer blizzard, snow thickness of about 60 cm, in some places more than 1 meters. The morning of the 12 day, the snow is not stopped, the wind, the wind blows the ground snow flying. The patrol car on the road patrol, found the national highway 3015 and highway 201 line section at Mayer ventas wind snow, and vehicle trapped lag. Morning at 8:30 pm, base sent 2 car wheel push, 3 snowplow, 1 trucks, 2 cars, 1 car passenger emergency rescue plow into two groups to rescue. 7 to the incident, the level of westerly winds, more than 10 wind, visibility is poor. Emergency personnel jumped into the snowstorm to lag trapped vehicle hanging rope wheel, push pull lag forklift trapped vehicles, trucks, cleaning up the snow on the road trip. The wind zone at both ends of the car stop gathered to the incident, to ensure traffic safety, start the emergency highway snow disaster emergency plan base, 10 pm, notify the police in the State Road 3015 line K231, K306 set up road closures. Emergency security personnel continue to work on the road. 21 am to stay trapped in the national highway 3015 wind area of the road and the rescue of the 51 vehicles out of the road of 192. Adjacent to the highway 201 line at 11:30 PM Maj Tas road closed, 227 people trapped and lag 63 cars, also at 21 PM all the rescue to safety. Back to base, to participate in the rescue of the staff of the clothes, pants, shoes are wet. Also noted, according to the Tacheng highway administration Tiechanggou maintenance work area monitor Liu Bin introduced: by the snowstorm, Tiechanggou Guanyang road maintenance work area also lag many trapped passengers and vehicles, 3 vehicles dispatched work area, 1, snowplow snowplow 1 graders and 1 patrol cars from 17 pm start the rescue, 23 am, the provincial highway 318 line Tiechanggou sections to ninth division 170 regiment lag 11 cars trapped 58 people, provincial highway 201 to Karamay road Tiechanggou lag 5 cars trapped 16 people, 3015 state line road to Karamay road Tiechanggou lag 15 vehicles stranded all 49 people to rescue security no one is left with. As of press time, the national highway 3015 and highway 201 line Maj Tas road in a closed state. Tacheng Highway Administration Bureau Emin, the wind into the area, slow down. In the wind area encountered snow resistance or "blind" phenomenon, not to seize the road, do not get off the car parked on the roadside, waiting for snow removing machinery to clear the road or rescue. Maj Tas wind area is located in Tacheng Emin County, is a world famous scenic area, winter here frequency)相关的主题文章: