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Super Lee Jun-ki V awl face stamp dead paper to occupy the entertainment lead: who says the only female star will because the storm thin and hot search, you know, this male stars are also reduced from fertilizer to fight super family, this is not, Lee Jun-ki was also found recently and thin from a phase, but it was said that because play "startling step by step – Li caused too much". (source: PClady) – Lee Jun-ki V awl face stamp paper dead to occupy the entertainment circle recently in the hit drama "Lee Jun-ki" plays a startling step by step – Li Ao four prince, with superb acting role he will be the perfect interpretation, because of its handsome costumes, the charm of ten feet, harvest high popularity. Lee Jun-ki lost a lot of weight. However, in wonder at the same time, caused a hot and he was thin stature, but the face became thin super V awl face, body care is skinny vu, was also making fans very worried, have a message "lost, distressed," too thin, eat ah". The 34 year old Lee Jun-ki Lee Jun-ki is 34 years old this year, can be said to be one of the early Korean heart. In 2005, two works became popular in the mainland, one is the movie "the king’s man", and the other is "my girl". But in the new drama "·" startling step by step; Li, Lee Jun-ki staged a big change, by half of the face up face value, and in order to make his own four princes to be more in line with the director, look sharp, he was filming within half a year to lose weight, a total reduction of 30 pounds. Finally, lean into the awl face. A sharp pointed chin at the tip of a sharp chin, it is to break the rhythm of the screen! Lee Jun-ki storm thin Oh God. This is our impression that laughing eyes, attractive big boy? But before Lee Jun-ki cheeks plump although originally small sharp face, but before Lee Jun-ki cheeks but meat toot, want to know that captured the hearts of many girls. Liu Haoran also turned to national brother paperman shooting crazy and Liu Haoran, in the "best" which we face Yu Huai, tiger teeth Meng Meng Da, who played with Tan Songyun for more than a large circle CP Huai powder. The recent big guy saw Liu Haoran has been quick to lean into a lightning of the goose, the recent guy saw Liu Haoran has quickly lean into a lightning, Liu Haoran compared the previous photo, really can be found in the national brother Chin a lot of clothes, don’t feel this meat, a small body the wind blows to the back side! Liu Haoran also said in an interview, in fact, our original goal is to lean 145 pounds to 130 pounds, but later reduced with reduction would get out of hand, suddenly reduced to 125 pounds. In order to complete weight loss, you have to eat dinner there for more than a month, or even two weeks do not eat any carbs like rice and pasta. See slim fast into pieces the national brother, really let people feel bad, just want to Haoran said the baby, filming is important, but your body is the capital of the revolution! The goddess Park Shin Hye didn’t see the extra baggage sector!相关的主题文章: