Sun Life Everbright business structure abnormal pay risk even more channels to stop selling the brak-nibbuns

Sun Life Everbright business structure abnormal pay risk even the brakes to stop selling Sina multi channel fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sun Life Everbright Investment Linked Insurance brakes: multi channel sale weekly Times reporter Hu Qiushi from Shanghai in 2013 began to rely on the rapid expansion of the scale of the investment linked insurance of Sun Life Everbright, began to pay for its abnormal business structure. The day before, the CIRC for life insurance actuarial science and management two bursts of notification. The investment linked insurance, variable annuity insurance included in the short duration product range, this is the second in March this year the implementation of the "notice on the relevant issues concerning the short duration of norms in personal insurance products" (hereinafter referred to as the "short duration product" notice ""), the CIRC for supervision of investment property products tightened again. In the domestic life insurance companies, Sun Life Everbright, Philip Kang Renshou investment linked insurance income ranking continuously ranked top three data show that 7, the previous month in 2016, Sun Life Everbright premium income of 24 billion 587 million yuan, an increase of 39.69%, investment linked insurance accounted for 84%. The Sun Life Everbright founded more than 10 years of premium income remained low, nearly two years to rely on to achieve substantial growth in the size of investment linked insurance. A new way to the CIRC is undoubtedly a head-on blow, "we are now the investment linked insurance agent channel and bancassurance has been discontinued, the future will open still waiting for notification." Said Sun Life Everbright customer service reply weekly Times reporter inquiries. A person engaged in the insurance industry for many years people in Shanghai to the analysis of the weekly Times reporter said that the investment linked insurance is included in the scope of regulation should be the two quarter and universal insurance were similar, the insurance company will conduct product adjustment, there will be some short-term impact on sales. The new regulations forced the transformation of Sun Life Everbright in March this year, the implementation of the CIRC in short duration product "notice", short duration specification product supervision. The provisions of the two quarter of this year for a number of universal insurance accounted for a relatively large number of life insurance companies have a huge impact, and that time, the provisions of the main universal insurance, has not been involved in the investment linked insurance. But the new regulations will cast even insurance, variable annuity insurance included in the short duration range of products; according to the new regulations show that in 2017 life insurance, pension insurance, nursing insurance shall be designed in short duration products; at the same time, since January 1, 2019, January 1, 2020, January 1, 2021, the 3 time, insurance firms in short duration the annual product scale premiums accounted for not more than 50%, 40% and 30% respectively, the ratio of total premium. The new way of Sun Life Everbright huge impact. In 2016 1-7 month, Sun Life Everbright insurance premium income, new pay policyholders’ investment funds, investment linked insurance separate accounts added paying 2 billion 254 million yuan respectively, 1 billion 669 million yuan, 20 billion 659 million yuan; the total premium income of 24 billion 582 million yuan, investment linked insurance accounted for 84%. Before 2015 July, Sun Life Everbright total premium income of 17 billion 597 million yuan, investment linked insurance accounted for 77.9%. A review of the theory of相关的主题文章: