Study of filial piety to Buddha Temple in Shenzhen held a grand Christmas by Bodhisattva-diqua

Study of filial piety to Buddha Temple in Shenzhen held a grand Christmas by law Bodhisattva will be the scene (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal line) as the master lingzong method (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal for mages) and lead the public to recite "Gong Bodhisattva by the wish to" (source: Phoenix Buddhism photograph: meal) for the same hopes to recite the "canon" (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal line) sense as the Bodhisattva of filial piety, in good faith by the number of chanting many. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal line) wholeheartedly in chanting. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal for Gong) to recite Buddhist scriptures, "canon", filial piety learning. (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal for ten party) to make Tripitaka in the main hall before reciting to (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: meal for August 31, 2016 (the 29th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar), Christine every day) wish Ksitigarbha Christmas day, Shenzhen Temple held a grand Bodhisattva method. Four disciples in sophisticated meditation with sincere heart, sincere compliments "by the wish to recite the Bodhisattva", the sense of Bodhisattva touching filial piety, filial piety, diligence; Bodhisattva economy of the people to send large bodhicitta, reported four chongen, under three Ji Tu bitter. Jizo, together with Guanyin, Manjusri, Samantabhadra, and four Buddhist bodhisattva. Because of its "do animals such as the earth, Jinglv deep dense cache", named ksitigarbha. In the "long plunders repeatedly made great ambition, it is known as big wish ksitigarbha. Jizo is a model of filial piety. The records on the death of the Bodhisattva filial daughter, because his mother see evil, slander Sambo, do not believe in cause and effect, after the death of falling into evil way. Bodhisattva to save the mother off from apaya, mother chanting Salford, to give merit to the Triple Jewel, and Seiko power, pull the mother from hell bitter. Therefore "Bodhisattva by the wish to have" the Buddhist filial piety said. At 8 o’clock in the morning, temple reciting "Bodhisattva" by the wish to law will be held in the main hall. The vice president of the Buddhist Association of Shenzhen, Chinese Temple Abbot Yinshun monk temple as the first principal, master lingzong method, under the leadership of the resident in the master, four disciples who worship the Buddha, Bodhisattva chanting "respect" is the wish by relatives and friends, this blessing and death for the first family merit. Early autumn season, the climate is cold blowing, and there is a lot of people focus on chanting, and not conscious of the perspiration comes down like raindrops, the Jing Cheng touching. All believers in a continuous line came, some people went on chanting on the floor, the Great Hall of people crowded, came to hold the congregation stood by holding the chanting in the house. The usual possession of temple also all believers worship chanting. These are as the Bodhisattva of filial piety to the sense of. A model of Buddhism Dean, Shenzhen Hongfa temple kaishanzushi Huan Presbyterian believers is the heart of filial piety. Mother dying in bed before this period, the old pro. Decoction, not to undress. The mother died, the old fire arm of filial piety mother, is the mother of blessing. During the period of mourning, the old and recite "Tripitaka", pray foli blessing, take a pureland. The old Xiaogan moving heaven, is an example of the hearts of believers, the source of strength. Jizo great may say: hell is not empty, not a Buddha; all people "bodhi! This.相关的主题文章: