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Are you ready to Stop Smoking? – There are many different ways to stop smoking, and hypnosis is one of them. If you want to quit, a hypnotherapist can usually help you in a single session – with one and a half hours hypnotherapy, and a Stop Smoking CD. There are no miracle cures, but making a .mitment is a big step forward. Why do you want to Stop Smoking? . Improve your health . Smoking is too expensive . Stop smelling so foul . Frightened of getting cancer . Want to see your children grow up So, why do you Smoke? Smoking is a way of dealing with tension, and it is sometimes of way of rewarding ourselves, a habit, pleasurable relaxation or psychological addiction – However, There are two important provisos to stop: 1. You must have a strong motivation for stopping the habit, its not enough that you have been told you must stop you must want to stop of your own free will. 2. You must be prepared to stop smoking altogether unfortunately very few people are prepared to stop .pletely they only want to cut down. However, once you put a cigarette in your mouth, you will have to start again from the beginning. What are the Dangers of Smoking? Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death in many countries. Smokers under the age of 65 are about twice as likely to die of coronary heart disease as non-smokers, and heavy smokers are roughly three times more likely to die. Disease of the arteries of the legs, is even more closely associated with smoking 95% of the people with this disease are smokers, it often results in thrombosis of the leg, leading to gangrene through poor circulation and can end with amputation of the leg being necessary. Respiratory Problems Chronic bronchitis and emphysema are responsible for thousands of deaths each year in the United Kingdom they are a big cause of illness, absence from work and disability. Severe emphysema is very rarely found in non-smokers. The Heart Nicotine causes a rise in blood pressure and an increase in the heartbeat this happens because the blood vessels be.e narrower because of the action of the nicotine the heart is required to beat faster and work harder to pump the blood around the body, putting the heart under strain. Smoking effects physical fitness – carbon monoxide impairs the functions of the heart, lungs and blood however, when you stop smoking, you prevent the damage worse. Ulcers Gastric or duodenal ulcers are twice as .mon amongst smokers .pared to non-smokers it is believed that smoking delays healing of the ulcers. Pregnancy Nicotine and carbon monoxide in the blood of pregnant woman can enter the unborn babys circulation and interfere with its development. Stillbirth and death in the first week of life is 30% more .mon in babies of mothers who smoke during pregnancy. Surely, these are enough reasons to stop smoking immediately. 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