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Splendid China Seven Star struck – the haunted house of horror thriller Sohu — tourism online booking sign students died this year of Splendid China Folk Village · the surviving night terror upgrade, thrilling feeding, heavy launch seven star — the haunted house of horror scenes, only online booking, the signing of life and death, invisible world, death experience, helpless! Every prisoner, regardless of whether there is injustice, all have to go through from birth to death. From the earth to the gate of hell, black and white impermanence, Hades, Meng, devils in animal forms so hell the devil is flooded, dull atmosphere of the scene, the eerie ghost town, around the ghosts, torture, withered plants, scattered crow, flying soul, people feel like being in the eternal no longer Hades. It is difficult to see the kid, Hades, into hell. Splendid China invited warriors witnessed "reincarnation", due to popular hot, want to experience our this haunted house to donkey mother on appointment. Want to experience the small partners in China shall be administrative micro-blog or ass mother travel booking in advance, you are not afraid to charm! Splendid China folk village of · the surviving night activities will continue until November 13th 4, Halloween show, 11 ghost house, 500 ghosts to horror struck, the courage you have come!相关的主题文章: