South Korea Miss Yan Feng table fitness so that her body and color value

Korea Miss Yan burst table values makes her body fitness and Yan values match the perfect body face good appearance is that she did not know how many people’s hearts, not because she won more than and 10 years ago in South Korea miss, not because she now frequently face fitness coach, but this sporty woman, so fascinating! She is Areum Jung, a South Korean fitness fanatic, South Korea’s most beautiful fitness coach. Fitness, not only make people optimistic and positive, also let her have a rare qiaotun. The soft body more needless to say, because the essential stretching before training. However, in addition to perfect posture tall and straight out of practice, Areum Jung also have a proud chest, make the girls envy.   from a different point of view more people spurting, bottom, vest line plus, no sei! In addition to being a fitness trainer, she also has a variety of roles as a golfer, a sports TV show host, and a variety of hobbies. But what impressed Tony, or every time she training all must wear tight pants, with great stature! Here, there are a lot of female friends asked how to practice the fitness of girls? Take a look at the Areum Jung daily training:         get to   daily fitness; training base, with food and sleep, hungry than out of the body is much stronger! (turn from fitness every day WeChat public number)相关的主题文章: