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Some miss! Take you 1 minutes to review Google Nexus– Hainan windows — in early 2014 there was news that Google plans to use the AndroidSilver project to replace the Nexus brand, with this project, Google through the payment of certain funds, allows manufacturers to manufacture fully in accordance with the requirements of the design of Google mobile phone, to challenge apple iPhone. Fortunately, the project has not been achieved, is said to be indefinitely shelved. But what will come, Beijing time October 5th morning, Google officially released its own brand of mobile phone products Pixel and Pixel XL, their debut also indicates that the Nexus brand curtain call. Pixel and AndroidSilver project characteristics coincide, first of all it is entirely in accordance with the requirements of the Google design, it is said that Google is the first manufacturer to find HUAWEI, because HUAWEI does not want to erase their traces to find the HTC. Secondly, it is very high, the starting price of $649 par Apple no Nexus brand price. The first Nexus was published from 2010 to 2016, after 6 years, Google brought a total of 8 Nexus mobile phone, today and everyone together to review the history of Nexus, do not know which one has touched your heart? Pixel Pixel XL Nexus One January 2010 – Google launched Nexus One in January 2010, by the HTC foundry, when compared to the apple iPhone 3GS has a larger screen (3.7 inches), 1GHz RAM, 500W 512MB, Qualcomm processor pixel camera configuration, is the most powerful hardware specifications. Running Android 2.1 "Eclair" system, the main feature is to support a larger size and higher resolution screen, to enhance the performance of the hardware and virtual keyboard, and support HTML5 pages and dynamic wallpaper. Remember the full screen string of color lines, at that time is indeed very strange. Nexus One December 2010 – Nexus S in December of the same year, Google released second Nexus mobile phone Nexus S, on behalf of the business changed from HTC to Samsung, 4 inches Super AMOLED display precision although less than the same period of iPhone 4, but the arc design bright spots. It is also the first time to join the NFC chip, Google has become the mobile phone payment Qianlie. Run the Android 2.3 system "Gingerbread", the main improvement is to upgrade the UI interface, can be matched with a large screen tablet computer, in addition to adding a key word to select and copy and paste, improved power system performance and better management of graphical games. Nexus S October 2011 – Galaxy Nexus in October 2011, Google)相关的主题文章: