Shenzhen cultural exchange to carry the spirit of investment to set up ten billion cultural industry-mia farrow

Shenzhen culture exchange articles Shengshi investment intends to set up a cultural industry fund – billions of Beijing, Beijing, October 25,   today, the Shenzhen Cultural Property Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Shenzhen Stock Exchange") and flourishing culture industry investment platform Huayun’s prosperity and investment will jointly announced the establishment of the cultural industry fund, the total size of ten billion yuan, with the power of capital, market-oriented means, through the "culture + finance" mode, service small micro cultural and creative enterprises, help Shenzhen "culture four plate" bigger and stronger. From 2009 to 2015, China’s cultural industry added value increased from 859 billion 400 million yuan to 25829 yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of 20%+, higher than the same period last year, more than double the growth rate of GDP. The China consumption presents by the material demand led to spiritual consumption led a gradual transition, so the cultural industry has a huge growth space. The cultural industry to the new release of "double", the kinetic energy of a culture cannot do without the creative talent, on the other hand to promote the combination of culture and technology, culture and finance. The prevailing capital light, small scale, cultural asset ownership is difficult to issue Chinese cultural industry enterprises, resulting in capital market financing, especially there are obvious problems listed. Currently board, small board, gem, three new board threshold is higher, the cultural and creative industries of small and micro enterprises is difficult to play a supporting role. Therefore, the Shenzhen cultural exchange, cultural four board came into being. The Central Propaganda Department "and (2011) specify the" No. 49 document, the experimental unit of Shenzhen culture exchange for the culture of the financial sector "pilot". Since then, the Ministry of finance also stipulates that the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as the designated platform of the national culture of state-owned property right transaction. In the "double" background, in order to realize the cultural industry factors in the wide range of resource integration and flow, the Shenzhen stock exchange in April this year launched the "four plate culture national, national, for the national culture industry and overseas cultural market radiation". Shenzhen culture exchange "culture four Board" is the OTC market first, Chinese is the only one with a focus on the cultural industry incubation, mergers and acquisitions, investment and financing services to the financial and cultural platform, based in Shenzhen, the national service listed cultural enterprises, caused great repercussions in the national cultural industry. So the financial services and non-financial services as the four wings of the "culture of Shenzhen", the real estate transaction and non real estate transactions as the main business support. Financial services include basic equity transactions and non equity financial services such as bank loans, small loans, financial leasing, chips and other public services, financial services including promotion services, property transaction services and non property services etc.. Sheng Fu Kun said Huayun partner in charge, the current cultural property exchange mostly is the simple product form, lack of innovation and multi-level system of financial products, financial products, trading varieties. Shenzhen culture exchange and flourishing Huayun will jointly set up a joint venture to explore the mixed reform state-owned platform, with a market-oriented approach to solve the state-owned platform funding mechanism, investment mechanism, incentive mechanism and exit mechanism, jointly set up the team, efficient.相关的主题文章: