Shanghai extension vegetable base will be expanded to 10 at the end of the year to ensure that eatin

Shanghai extension vegetable base will be expanded to 10 at the end of the year to ensure that eating vegetables at the beginning of this year, the national, long, large area cold weather extreme weather, the city’s agricultural product resource base put forward severe test. The reporter learned from the Municipal Commission of Commerce, in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government and the deployment of the city to vigorously promote the extension of base construction in Shandong Province, Linyi City, Feixian County County, Lanling Hedong District and Jiangsu city of Xuzhou province Copper Mt. District pilot construction of 6 large-scale extension vegetable base, promote sales and origin closely docking, to establish a stable production base and distribution enterprise cooperation. It is understood that the Jiangsu Copper Mt. two extension vegetable production base as an example, the original for the Shanghai market year for the supply of 6000-8000 tons, after the listing, will expand to meet the people of Shanghai needs green vegetable varieties, 1-2 years after the total sales volume will be expanded to 15 thousand tons per year -2 million tons, 2-3 years to reach 30 thousand tons of -5 million tons. By the end of this year, the city will also set up 4 extension bases in Yunnan and Hainan, next year will be in Shanxi, Jiangxi, Ningxia and other central and western regions to develop the extension base, to ensure that Shanghai citizens can eat "assured vegetables" throughout the year". In addition, the 6 extension of vegetable production base in the first listing will use the two-dimensional code technology, the establishment of epitaxial base of vegetable production and circulation traceability system, will strive to protect the city from the source of production of agricultural products supply is stable, effective guarantee for Shanghai vegetable quality and safety for the expansion of foreign extension plays a leading role in the demonstration base. Healthy diet, nutrition and health of rabbit vegetable silk (this video is only extended), move fingers, at any time to inquire traffic violations! Sweep down the two-dimensional code, concern Tencent big Shen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)

沪外延蔬菜基地年底将扩大至10个 确保吃放心菜 今年年初出现的全国性、长时间、大面积重大寒流极端天气,对本市农产品资源基础提出严峻考验。记者从市商务委了解到,按照市政府的部署和要求,本市大力推进外延基地建设,在山东省临沂市兰陵县、费县、河东区和江苏省徐州市铜山区先行试点建设6个规模化外延蔬菜基地,推进销地与产地紧密对接,建立稳定的生产基地和经销企业的合作关系。据了解,以江苏铜山的两大外延蔬菜生产基地为例,原先面向上海市场的年供应量为6000-8000吨,挂牌以后,将扩大满足上海市民需求的绿叶菜品种的生产,1-2年之后总销量将扩大到年1.5万吨-2万吨,2-3年之后达到3万吨-5万吨。预计到今年年底,本市还将在云南、海南挂牌成立4个外延基地,明年则将在山西、江西、宁夏等中西部地区发展外延基地,确保上海市民一年四季都能吃到“放心菜”。此外,首批挂牌的6个外延蔬菜生产基地都将运用二维码技术,建立外延基地蔬菜生产流通信息追溯系统,将着力从生产源头保障本市农产品供应平稳,有效保障供沪蔬菜质量安全,也为扩大外延基地范围起到示范引领作用。 饮食养生汇 营养健康的小兔蔬菜丝 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章: