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Vacation-Rentals Are you familiar with the term service apartment? Most of you might have spent a day out from your home to some distant place in a lodge, a room available for short term or even it may be for long term purpose. But were you aware that the service apartment is that which is available for both stay: for short term and for long term. It provides you the fully furnished apartments with all the basic facilities for your daily use. A Service apartment in Pune is less expensive than most of the hotels in Pune. It is not that hotels are much expensive than apartments but it is less in price as .pared to the rate of the hotels. As, many of the official persons have to do up and down from their place to different places, it is considered the best option for them as doing work along with fun is beneficial for them and their bosses. Now most of the .panies themselves are booking rooms in those apartments for their employees. Previously, what was done was that the .pany use to book tickets of the plane for their employees and for their ac.modation, rooms in the hotels were booked. This used to be costly for the .panies thus what they did was later on when this system of service apartment swayed like a fashion in almost all .panies they booked the tickets for their employees from the airlines but for their ac.modation they selected service apartment which was less in cost but the facility was same. In fact there was the same facility or you can say in some places there were more facilities than expected such as the profits of these apartments includes more space and privacy than the rooms of the hotels, it is convenient when you are traveling with your family, and here .es the main thing it is the money. Here, you will save a lot; not only it is related to savings but is also related with the facility of cooking. If you wish you can cook your own food too. Isnt that great? In hotels you have to order the food, have to eat what they have prepared and if you dont like to have it, the food is wasted. But when you cook food by yourself, you will surely love to have it, isnt it as it is being cooked by your own hands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: