Save the patient gaze desk smart desk is simply a small angel in the Office winfast

Save the occupation of patients with Gaze disease Desk intelligent desk is simply the little angel office every day at least 8 hours spent in front of the desk, whether we like the keyboard text workers or weave beautiful OL PPT. Sitting so long time, plus all sorts of strange things sitting, nature will suffer from occupation disease. Is there any way to correct it? Don’t say this and I, Gaze Desk intelligent desk does have a method, do not have to force their own upright, directly adjust the height of chairs can make you more comfortable. According to the height and weight of the data provided by the user, Gaze Desk can calculate the most suitable for the user’s work posture, and will work with the default display board, digital elevation to the most suitable height to ensure the spine health. The desk is also equipped with a foot pressure sensor, if you’re too tired to stand up, Gaze Desk, and urge you to adjust the stance. If you are too indifferent to work in Apple, Watch or mobile phone supporting App will remind you to exercise. Gaze Desk is also equipped with children’s version, such as children in the painting to keep them in good posture, these habits are particularly important in childhood. Moreover, with the Gaze Desk will no longer worry about the height of the problem for the children, even if the adult height and weight changes can be adjusted by the height of the free conversion, very convenient. Gaze Desk is currently on the shelves, divided into unilateral lift and bilateral lift version, while the basic terms of bilateral lift as long as $899, until the official line will sell $2000 to $. The little angel office are used in exchange for money, but it is better than hard work after falling a disease is much better.相关的主题文章: