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Ross Xan Nikos: the talent good atmosphere to more than 11 years of bull –   Derek Ross – Sports Sohu; Beijing time on September 21, 2016, according to U.S. media news, Derek and Ross are not affected by the scandal, is still full of confidence in the new season, and that Nicks is the best team for their talent. Although the bulls in 2011 hit the Eastern Conference finals, and now Nicks has just gone through low tide. But in Ross’s view, the talent of this team, still more than the year of the bull, the bull is still better than that of the year of the year. "Even though we haven’t played together, Nicks is the best team I’ve ever had. My mission is to organize people, I can control the game, but also to let others play better." After reinforcing one summer, now the Nicks team has indeed been reborn. But it’s hard to say whether we’ll be able to catch up with the 62 bulls in the regular season. But Ross I think, in addition to natural accident, Nicks’s atmosphere is far better than the bull. "The Bulls when players never together in the offseason to go out to relax. The team did not get together until a few days before the camp, every day is to train together, urging each other to encourage. Training is the only thing the bulls have to do together, and we don’t try to do anything else." "Eight years later, we have been training together to encourage each other, but did not win the championship. Come to Nicks, the team is not just training together, we will try some other things, to maintain an optimistic attitude, help each other forward." Training camp is about to begin, Ross optimistic about the new season, but also full of expectations, he also felt more love in the big apple. "In Chicago, I can feel the love from the fans, but after coming to New York, this feeling is very obvious, which makes me very excited, I hope to hurry to the stadium. It felt like, ‘I’ve started playing here,’ but I haven’t actually played in the game yet. It’s hard to imagine how crazy the fans will be at the start of the season." Beijing time on October 26th, Nicks will be in the opener against the cavaliers. (Xiao Hu)相关的主题文章: