Risks Of Teeth Whitening-lightscape

Beauty Everybody wants sparkling white teeth and a beautiful smile on their face. This demand for a new beautiful look has lead to popularizing the teeth whitening process. However, there are risks associated with the teeth whitening process. The two most .mon side effects are temporary increase of tooth sensitivity and irritation of the gums. A sensitivity problem in the teeth usually occurs in the initial stages of whitening process. The irritation of the soft tissues often occurs during the fitting of mouthpiece tray. Irritation of soft tissues due to tooth whitening agents is found to be very rare. These side effects are mainly temporary and often disappear within few days. There are some remedies to avoid such temporary side effects due to teeth whitening. If you are suffering from sensitivity problem you can control it by using the tray for a shorter period or by taking rest from whitening for few days. This will allow your teeth to adjust with the whitening agent you are using. You can also contact your doctor for advice on toothpaste rich in fluoride or toothpaste that contain potassium nitrate. These will protect your enamel as well re-mineralize your teeth. However, before the deciding on the process of teeth whitening you need to be very cautious about the product you are purchasing. Some market products are not up to the mark. Some manufacturers do not even consider or follow the safety measures or norms while making the whitening agents. The product quality standards fixed by concerned certification authority are often not met by the manufacturers. Many whitening products dispensed from the dentists or pharmacists receive proper certification from concerned departments and maintain the health standards. It is always best to opt for these products even if they cost you more. It is absolutely necessary to buy those whitening agents which are safe and effective. You should apply 10% carbamide peroxide containing whitening agent for whitening process at home and 35% hydrogen peroxide containing product at the clinic under the supervision of your dentist. Over the counter (OTC) whitening toothpastes can only be used if those have proper certification from concerned authority. Otherwise use of any cheap product that is marketed even with a guarantee of producing best results on use can be injurious to health. Some other risks associated with teeth whitening are overdose or overuse, addiction, and using unhygienic or improper instruments. If you really want to whiten your teeth then it is mandatory that you follow your dentist’s re.mendation and manufacturer’s direction properly to avoid any .plications arising from this process in the long run. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: