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Qinghai wolfberry "hit" scientific planting "brand" to create excellent industry chain – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Xining Xinhua (reporter Luo Yunpeng) 14 days, Qinghai wolfberry plant science association was founded in Qinghai Xining, aimed at the scientific way of the unification of Qinghai wolfberry from breeding to sell a number of links, to create high-end boutique industrial chain. Located in one of the world’s four "clean area" of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau in Qaidam Basin is Chinese second wolfberry planting base, the relevant data shows, at present the Chinese wolfberry planting area of 422 thousand mu, of which 90 thousand acres of organic certification, and annually by the European Union, the United States and Japan organic wolfberry certification is increasing year by year. Qinghai wolfberry planting association president Li Gang introduction, the current domestic Chinese wolfberry industry challenges facing the rapid expansion of acreage, foreign market prices fell sharply, the face of the industry unfavorable factors, set up scientific association after planting wolfberry through the "strong science and technology, quality and brand, Qi Qi Xing Qi", the implementation of standardized cultivation, product fine, quality plan, high-end market strategy, promote Qinghai wolfberry industry development. It is understood that the "east sea buckthorn, Western wolfberry" is a major strategy of the current ecological economic development in Qinghai Province, but also to promote one of the main ways of Ecological Province, to achieve precise poverty in 2015, Qaidam Basin is located in the hinterland of the Haixi wolfberry output value reached 3 billion yuan (RMB). Years of practice has proved that the Chinese wolfberry industry is an economic, social and ecological benefits of extremely significant industry." Vice chairman of the CPPCC Qinghai Province, Qinghai provincial Revolutionary Committee Chairman Ma Zhiwei said, "for the only place, one can hope for, medlar scientific planting association by association platform, joint development, strengthen the scientific research departments in Colleges and universities, and inside and outside the province, to the development of Chinese wolfberry industry provide science and technology support, to promote better and faster development of Qinghai wolfberry industry." (end)相关的主题文章: