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Qinghai five departments jointly remediation of illegal modification and overload truck – Beijing Beijing in September 7 Xining Xinhua (reporter Hu Guilong) 7 reporter learned from the Qinghai Department of transportation, from September 21st onwards, the United goalkeeper five trucks a year to carry out remediation illegal modification and illegal overloading behavior of special road freight vehicle comprehensively promote the police action, joint law enforcement, in accordance with the latest standards of overloading, unified identification of illegal behavior, to crack down on illegal overloading of vehicles on the road. According to reports, the special action by the Qinghai Provincial Department of transportation in conjunction with the development and Reform Commission, the Commission by letter, the Public Security Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau of the five departments jointly carried out to prohibit non-compliance of the road transport vehicles. Data show that as of the end of 2015, Qinghai Province registered freight vehicles more than 87000 vehicles, completed in the year of highway freight volume of 1 trillion and 200 billion tons, turnover 258 tons km, accounting for 81.6% of the total freight volume, has played an important role in the province’s transportation market development, stable economic growth. As the truck illegal modification and overloading phenomenon is more prominent, which poses a serious threat to the Qinghai province road traffic safety, seriously disrupting the order of cargo transportation market, overload work to push more and more difficult, facing new demands and challenges. It is understood that some areas of the province source supervision and road enforcement measures are not in place, the source of supervision still exist blind corners, trucks, illegal modification of vehicles bypass, barge, two loading phenomenon still exists in rural highway overload control difficult. "Individual localities and departments of overloading violations punishment lax law enforcement, means a single, lack of deterrent Chaowei treatment, resulting in illegal oversized vehicles forced red card, anti violence law and disrupt the order of work overload phenomena have occurred." Tao Yongli, deputy director of Qinghai Provincial Department of transportation said, these problems shows that the overload work to push the still need to establish long-term mechanism. According to the National Bureau of the Ministry of the five day before the requirement to rule over the work in the new period, Qinghai Province, from the source to the two core elements of vehicles and goods with the focus on improving the production and modification of vehicle supervision system, overloading violations will eliminate in the bud, and will rule over the work by the Department for super variable for government action. The formation of collaboration sector linkage joint rule over the work mechanism. The transportation department and the public security departments will be combined with the newly revised "cars, trailers and train the external dimensions, axle load and limit value" (GB1589), a unified law enforcement vehicle overloading standards, vehicle management and production standard of unity, unified standards of law enforcement." Tao Yongli said, all localities and departments will strengthen the rule over the investigations responsibility and accountability, strict accountability, truck production, modification, sales and road freight transport, the implementation of the normalization of the whole process of supervision according to law. (end)相关的主题文章: