Provincial and Municipal Price Bureau to alarm hundreds of electricity suppliers, double eleven do n-zuczug

Provincial and Municipal Price Bureau to hundreds of electricity supplier knocking alarm, double eleven not standard "original price", "double eleven" approaching, yesterday, Jiangsu and Nanjing Price Bureau convened in more than one hundred e-commerce enterprises, for its online shopping during the promotion of price behavior policy reminder. In the past, the electricity supplier is accustomed to use the "original price", "limited price", "the whole network of the lowest price" and other languages, the reminder will point out that you can not make mistakes again, so as not to be punished. The price is 4 times last year, online shopping complaints according to the Nanjing price supervision and Anti Monopoly Bureau market chief Kong Zhiqiang introduced since the second half of 2014, Nanjing began to receive a large number of online shopping is mainly related to Tmall price complaint, only after his handling of the case of the first 10 months of this year has reached 131, is 4 times of the year 2015 the. He said that some of the electricity providers do not care about this, think the standard price, the current price is a common phenomenon, no big deal. Kong Zhiqiang, for example, before and after the Spring Festival this year, a supermarket chain in Nanjing launched a large area of the original price promotion activities. A liquor labeling price of 100 yuan, the current price of more than 10 yuan. This preferential range, there are queuing buy wine phenomenon. But the law enforcement department survey found that the current price of more than 10 yuan of promotions, has been so for months. Finally, the supermarket was fined 300 thousand yuan. Kong Zhiqiang reminded that although the number of complaints compared with the proportion of more than 20 Nanjing electricity supplier enterprises, not high. But as long as you encounter, one hundred percent will be reported, claimed, and even administrative punishment, civil action. Found that the price of electricity providers can complain Kong Zhiqiang section chief said that after the double eleven, is the price department received consumer price complaints. How to standardize the price? He pointed out that the price of electricity providers several misunderstandings. Such as fictitious original price and false discount, price can not compare. He pointed out that the so-called original price refers to the transaction within seven days before the promotion of the transaction, the lowest transaction price of the transaction notes; if there is no transaction within the first seven days, the last transaction price before the promotional activities as the original price. No, it’s about price fraud. At present, some online shopping platform has shielded the "original price" and other words, but the wording of the picture needs businesses to avoid themselves. If the original price is changed to the manufacturer’s suggested price and promotion price; "today’s special price" picture hanging for a few days is easy to be complained, can be changed to a specific date; the whole network of the lowest price, lower price and other statements, also can not be capricious use. The presence of a digital product agent business bureau said that the question of the electricity supplier often unconsciously will encounter, impossible to guard against. This reminder to them reassured. They don’t want to follow the bandwagon. Standardize sales promotion terms and so on, can ensure fair competition. Deputy director of Wuqiao Provincial Bureau of Commodity Inspection Bureau said that during the activity promotion period, the public found that the price violations can call 12358 price hotline complaints, once the report was verified, the price department will be dealt with severely according to law. Jinling Evening News reporter He Gang.

省市物价局给百余电商敲警钟 双十一不要标“原价”   “双十一”临近,昨日江苏省和南京市物价局召集在宁百余电商企业,对其在网购节期间的促销价格行为进行政策提醒。以往电商习惯使用的“原价”“限时价”“全网最低价”等语言,此次提醒会指出,不能再犯错误,以免被处罚。   网购价格投诉是去年4倍   据南京市价格监督检查与反垄断局市场科科长孔志强介绍,2014年下半年以来,南京开始陆续收到大量主要涉及天猫网络购物的价格投诉举报,仅经过他处理的案件今年前10个月已达131件,是2015年全年的4倍。   他表示,一些电商对此不太在意,认为标原价、现价是普遍现象,没啥大不了。孔志强举例说,今年春节前后,南京一家连锁超市开展大面积原价促销活动。某白酒标注原价100多元,现价10多元。这个优惠幅度,出现了排队买酒现象。但执法部门调查发现,现价10多元的促销,几个月内一直都是如此。最终,该超市被罚款30万元。   孔志强提醒,虽然投诉的数字与南京20多万家电商企业的比例相比,不算高。但是只要你遇上了,就会百分之百被举报,被索赔,甚至被行政处罚、民事诉讼。   发现电商价格猫腻可投诉   孔志强科长表示,双十一过后,就是物价部门接到消费者价格投诉的时候。如何做到规范标价?他指出电商标价几个误区。如虚构原价和虚假折扣、价格无从比较等。   他指出,所谓原价是指在本次促销活动前七日内在本交易场所成交,有交易票据的最低交易价格; 如果前七日内没有交易,以本次促销活动前最后一次交易价格作为原价。没有,就涉嫌价格欺诈。目前,一些网购平台已经屏蔽了“原价”等字眼,但图片上的用语需要商家自己回避。如原价改为厂商建议价和促销价;“今日特价”的图片挂个几天很容易被投诉,可以改为具体的日期;全网最低价、更低价等表述,也不能任性使用。   在场一位做数码产品代理的电商表示,物价局指出的问题,往往电商不自觉都会遇到,防不胜防。这次提醒,给他们吃了定心丸。网上夸大其词的宣传用语,他们也不想随大流。规范促销用语等,可以确保大家公平竞争。   省物价局检查分局副局长吴桥表示,在活动促销期间,市民发现有价格违法行为的可拨打12358价格举报热线投诉,对举报一经查实,价格主管部门将依法严肃处理。   □金陵晚报记者 何刚相关的主题文章: