Problems Observed In Project

Business At the Proposal Project stage the Project Managers are given the task of ascertaining the cost and the plans for accepting a proposal and they are often known as Proposal Managers. And when the project is won either they have very limited or no authority in managing or working out even the basic framework in achieving the desired goal. The project execution usually doesn’t fail due to technical glitches but due to lack of expertise of the people working on it. The main reasons behind the failure of a project is poor leadership, poor or lack of teamwork, unclear roles and expectations, no encouragement, conflicting priorities etc. By meeting and understanding the various types of people and engaging them according to their potential the hurdle of management problem can be resolved and a project manager should have this quality. These days more importance is given to understand employee’s personality and its behavior at work because individual employee’s character can be.e conflicting to one another many a times which can delay in achieving the desired goal. Most teams should work together and their collective efforts and collaborative steps help in the execution of any project in any organization and at any work place. By understanding the individual’s weaknesses and strengths in a team work the influence on the success of achieving the goals of an organization very high. We should stop dreaming of having a perfect and a faultless project team in an organization. I had the opportunity in the past to handle many projects and the main drawback I have experienced is that the project teams are always assembled and designed at the project proposal research stage. Though my interference was very limited for replacing with the ones who were no more accessible for the projects but I still believe by building a project team and working together the .mon goal of the organization can be achieved with very less difficulty. Many a times or at many instances it was observed that more friction is experienced between the line management and the project management rather than forecasting the sources for a project .pletion. Starting resource necessities has the advantage of saving time if prepared well in advance and helps in execution of the project well in time. But many a times there are unforeseen circumstances during the project implementation and changes made in the projects resource necessities can give you an unexpected surprise. If the line management is clearly specified and informed about the resource requirements by the project managers it is very unlikely to develop any confusion or conflict in achieving the desired target. The functional management should also be informed side by side of any changes taking place. At the beginning of the project a detailed manpower loading diagram and resource recruitment plan should well be prepared and any updates should be clearly mentioned in it during the project execution. When there are multiple projects for execution in a .pany conflicts or differences of interests are for sure cannot be avoided entirely especially when a new project preparation proposal pops out in between. It is necessary for the project manager to keep informed the functional management and define its team members the relieving date when the project is near .pletion. The team manager or the project manager cannot retain its team members on a weekly basis or ‘Just in Case’ manner. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: